The Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) wants all Indian states to promote the commercial manufacture of a formula to boost immunity. The move comes amid the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. The formula, which is based on a recipe of a herbal doctor, has already been passed onto the states and union territories as the first line of defense against viruses. The Ministry has also said that the special recipe has been endorsed by the Prime Minister.  

“Considering the importance of immunity-boosting measures in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, Ministry of AYUSH intends to promote the use of following ready-made Ayush formulation in the interest of health promotion of the masses, which has been endorsed by the Prime Minister during his address to the nation on the Constitution Day.”

“States/UT governments are hereby requested to direct the AYUSH licensing authorities to consider granting license/approval for manufacturing of above-mentioned formulation to the interested licensed Ayurveda/Siddha/Unani drug manufacturers in accordance with the provisions of Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945,” the AYUSH letter to the states, union territories and ASU drug manufacturers continued. 

The concoction, which will have the generic name of Ayush Kwath, Ayush Kudineer or Ayush Joshanda, is composed of four main ingredients. These include dalchini (cinnamon bark), herbs tulsi (basil leaves), Krishna Marich (black pepper), and sushi (dry ginger powder).

“Various reports have shown that coronavirus has been found to be fatal for people with weak immune systems. There are many herbs in the Indian traditional system that can boost immunity and keep many diseases away,” KK Sharma, Managing Director of the firm, AIMIL Pharma, said.

At least one version of Ayush Kwath is already on the market. Manufactured by AIMIL Pharma, a company that manufactures herbal products, the immunity booster comes in a variety of forms including tablets and powder that can be dissolved in water. According to its label, Ayush Kwath is said to “protect from all types of virus, viral and flu.” 

“Health experts across the globe agree that COVID-19 negatively affects the immune response of patients. The virus also targets people with weaker immune systems, including individuals with pre-existing conditions and the elderly,” said Curtis Rosen from, reiterating that a good diet and supplements can also be great immunity boosters.

Those unable to purchase the formula will be pleased to know that it can be easily prepared at home with four parts tulsi leaves, two parts dalchini stem bark, two parts sunthi, and one part Krishna marich. Simply blend the ingredients into a powder and add to 150 milliliters of boiling water. You can also add some lemon juice to the concoction for taste and as a vitamin C boost. For best results, AYUSH recommends that the formula be drunk once or twice per day.

Dating back over 5,000 years, Ayurveda has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. For years, ancient medicine has been used to naturally boost the immune system. In particular, it is the immunomodulators contained in herbs, superfoods and other natural Ayurvedic ingredients that contribute to strengthening immunity and increasing natural resistance to diseases. Aside from Ayush Kwath, here are just a few plant-based superfoods that can give your immune system a helping hand. 

Gooseberries, or amla, feature prominently in Ayurvedic medicines to boost immunity. This is mainly because the grape-sized fruit contains huge amounts of vitamin C—20 times more than in lemon juice. Gooseberries are one of the main ingredients in chyawanprash, which is a staple in many Indian homes and is eaten not just to boost immunity, but also to strengthen the respiratory system and improve digestion. The fruit is also jam-packed with magnesium and iron—all nutrients that help to prevent viral and bacterial infections. 

Many Ayurvedic recipes contain the bark, leaves, and flowers of neem, with the plant being well-known for its beneficial effects on the body. Incorporating it into your diet is said to boost immunity, cool down the body, and purify the blood. Neem also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can keep your skin healthy and radiant. Some other benefits of the plant include alleviating nosebleeds, Flem, gum disease, and even diabetes, as the plant can help to control blood sugar levels. 

Broccoli sprouts are very different from Brussels sprouts and broccoli heads. Big with nutritionists and health bloggers, they look very much like alfalfa sprouts and are in fact three to four-day-old broccoli plants. According to research, broccoli sprouts have even more nutrients than mature broccoli. They not only boost the immune system, but increase longevity, lower LDL cholesterol, and are even said to reduce the risk of cancer. 

Indigenous to parts of India, giloy is used in Ayurvedic medicine to help manage digestion problems and cure recurrent fevers. Also called Tinospora cordifolia, it is said to be an effective treatment for skin conditions and asthma. In addition, it is full of antioxidants, which can strengthen the immune system, purify the blood, and remove toxins. Giloy has also been credited with fighting disease-causing bacteria and alleviating urinary tract infections and liver disease. With so many benefits, it is little wonder that the herb is called amrita, or “the root of immortality,” in Sanskrit.