No Hockey India League for next year


An official statement has been made by Hockey India that it will be giving the Hockey India League a break in 2018 and will be back in 2019. The decision was taken during a meeting by the Hockey India Governing Committee on Tuesday.

A number of questions had been floating around regarding the future of the Hockey India League due to its franchise disinterest and financial viability. However, the Committee insists that the decision was taken due to a clash of dates with the Indoor World Cup next year and it’s not the end for HIL.

“It wasn’t possible to hold the HIL along with the World Cup and it would make no sense either. Plus there are the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games and the World Cup. It would have been very difficult for any country, including India, to ensure full participation in all of these and also the HIL. But let me categorically state that the league would be back in 2019, in the same, if not better way,” RP Singh, the HI and HIL governing committee member said. –News Source

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