Nothing is about you unless you make it so

Jac O' Keeffe
Jac O Keeffe
Jac O’ Keeffe

Jac O’ Keefe
Identify the level of perception that you’re operating from, now.
Your spiritual journey is about opening up to the potential of where you are on that path, right now. Your current perception is one possibility of how life unfolds. There are many viewing points. Each is a representation of how we limit pure consciousness in its attempt to shine through the body-mind organism.
Duality is a mind created labeling system that enables you to believe that the world is separate from you. Viewing life dualistically divides all that is into opposites, e.g. you and me, day and night, right and wrong. Duality is how life shows up when consciousness forgets itself and collapses into the finite, conditioned mind. Then life is about perceiving objects and having experiences. When this dualistic frame or reference is believed to be a true representation of how things are, we are operating within the dualistic view of consciousness.

The Personal Self
When I believe thoughts that arise from dualistic thinking I feel better when others accept me or approve of me. My self image is important to me and I am critical of myself and/or others. All thoughts refer directly or indirectly to me, myself and I. Sensory, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual experiences are personally mine and help to build my story about me.

Don’t take anything personally. Nothing is about you unless you make it about you. Believing your thoughts creates suffering. Recognize that your thoughts are mind made stories. Stop being interested in the content of your thoughts.

I AM, Beingness
When your attention rests in the I am, personal identity is dropped. Self image shows up as a fluid expression of being without any attachment. Functioning is spontaneous and without a personal agenda. Attention rests within.

Being Aware of Awareness
Consciousness is conscious of itself, or awareness is aware of itself as ‘I’. The experiencer is present when awareness is doing self-awareness. Drop the experiencer. Consciousness can be conscious of itself with or without the body-mind-intellect. Let it be recognized that the body-mind-intellect picks up the echo of what is directly known by you as pure consciousness.

Pure Consciousness
Pure consciousness is the Absolute and the Ultimate Source.
It is attributeless and empty of all content.

Non dual oneness recognizes there is only the subject in Reality. Manifestation is recognized to be the same in essence, different only in its forms of expression. What you are is all of it (form and formless) and cannot be separate from it. It is the thinking mind that creates and believes stories of separation.

Identifying as pure consciousness/awareness shows itself to be conceptual.

Jac O’ Keeffe led a busy healing practice in Ireland after her sixth sense awakened. Understanding that healing leads only to temporary wholeness, O’Keeffe sought and found that which was never broken, never hurt or damaged. Jac travels extensively, facilitating satsang (spiritual gatherings).

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