Oscar nominees won’t have the option to participate remotely: Producers

Oscar nominees won't have the option to participate remotely Producers

WASHINGTON: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recently sent a letter to this year’s nominees announcing that they will not be allowed to participate remotely.

According to Fox News, the Oscars 2021, which will honour the best films of the year on April 25, will be held in person without an option for attendees to participate via video chat.
“We are going to great lengths to provide a safe and enjoyable evening for all of you in person, as well as for all the millions of film fans around the world, and we feel the virtual thing will diminish those efforts,” reads the note.

It was sent by producers Steven Soderbergh, Jesse Collins and Stacy Sher.

The trio explained that there would be on-site coronavirus precautions and testing with different protocols in place for attendees currently in Los Angeles and those that will be travelling in.

Additional elements of the show will be taped live from Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre. Additionally, each nominee was asked to consent to an interview discussing their journey to award season, as per Fox News. “We want to highlight the connections between all of us who work in the movies and show that the process is uniquely intimate, collaborative and fun,” reads the letter.

The dress code? Casual wear — which has frequently been seen in remote shows like Jason Sudeikis wearing a sweatshirt for the Golden Globes — is discouraged. Instead, the letter advises attendees to wear an outfit that’s “a fusion of inspirational and aspirational.” Additionally, it was suggested that winners “read the room” and “tell a story,” as well as thank people by name rather than their title when it comes to their acceptance speeches.

“The good news is you should be pretty relaxed by show time because you will have been at a pre-show gathering in the Union Station courtyard for the previous ninety minutes with your fellow nominees and their guests,” the note added.

Fox News reported that the announcement follows the Golden Globes, which were marred by technical difficulties that included interruptions of major winners Daniel Kaluuya and Catherine O’Hara’s acceptance speeches. (ANI) 

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