Pakistan: Imran Khan’s ‘donkey’ comment unleashes hilarious meme fest

Imran Khan'

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is again dragged into a hilarious meme fest with a video going viral on social media where he is seen as comparing himself to a donkey.

Pakistani Journalist Hasan Zaidi shared a video clip of Imran Khan’s interview. During the interview, Imran Khan said that he couldn’t become a Britisher as a donkey will remain a donkey.
“I never considered it (UK) my home, because I was a Pakistani. Come what may I will not be able to become a Britisher. If you draw lines on a donkey, it does not become a zebra. Donkey will remain a donkey,” Imran is seen as saying in the video shared by the Pakistani Journalist.

The video is going viral and Twitterati is not leaving any stone unturned in taking a jibe at the former PM over his comments. Jumping into the meme fest, one Twitter user termed his comments as “self-realisation at 69.” Another Twitter user called this Imran Khan’s inferiority complex.

The user said that Imran Khan is mocking the English language and he came back to Pakistan from the UK because being nervous around foreign delegates he could not fit into the society.

“This also proves Imran Khan’s inferiority complexes as a bully mocking people on the English language…being nervous around foreign delegates. He came to Pak because he couldn’t fit in there or only to probably prove some bully in UK his worth,” said the tweet.

Another user while responding to the above tweet wrote, “Imran Khan came to Pakistan because he couldn’t fit in UK society and Nawaz Sharif is not coming back because he couldn’t fit in Pakistani society?”

One of the users called his comments an insult to overseas Pakistanis. The tweet read, “imran calling himself and all the overseas Pakistanis as donkeys?”

This is not the only time when Imran Khan is surrounded by trolls over his statements.

After Imran Khan hosted a live Twitter Space which was attended by an average of 165,000 users, listening at a given time, the highest number ever, the social media was stormed by a barrage of hilarious memes over the live stream.

Over 446,000 people tuned from around the world to interact with Imran Khan on Twitter Space with an average of 165,000 users listening at a given time, according to The Express Tribune.

According to another Pakistan media outlet, a Twitter user referred to Imran Khan’s Twitter Space and took a dig at the then Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry who had announced in 2019 that Pakistan will send its “first person to space” in 2022.

“Fawad Chaudhry meant it when he said they would send someone to space in 2022. We just didn’t know it was Imran Khan.” Fawad had said in 2019 that 50 people will be shortlisted, the list will then come down to 25 and “in 2022, we will send our first person to space”.

Some memes called out Imran Khan’s record-breaking 160k listeners as mostly “bots”. (ANI)