Pakistan treats US as a ‘limitless ATM’: Raymond Davis


Washington: A private US Defence Contractor, Raymond Davis, has given his views in his book, ‘The Contractor’, saying that Pakistan has been treating the US as a limitless ATM, adding that most of the US aid goes to the military kitty.

“For Pakistan, no amount of money ever seemed to be enough. The economic aid it received from the United States became a drug it alternately loathed and could not live without,” Davis said in his book.

In 2011, Davis was arrested in Lahore, on charges of killing two Pakistani citizens, creating a huge diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

“As dysfunctional as the relationship between the United States and Pakistan+ was, it was made worse by the fact that most of the aid typically ended up in the hands of the Pakistani military, while much of its population continued to languish in poverty,” Davis said.

In his book, Davis writes that the real power in Pakistan lies with the military. -PTI

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