Party’s pro-people ideology not compromised: PDP spokesperson

Party's pro-people ideology not compromisedPDP spokespersonSRINAGAR: Taking exception to being portrayed as “pro-separatist”, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today said its ideology could be best described as “pro-people” which was not compromised by the party but vigorously pursued with the Centre to ensure development, peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir.

“PDP has taken a strong exception to some people trying to create an impression that the party is ‘compromising’ on its ideology.

“Phrases like PDP being a pro-separatist party are merely fine adjectives created by some sections of the national media and have no relevance with the PDP ideology, which is best described as pro-people,” chief spokesperson and former MP Mehboob Beg said.

He said it was no secret that the present alliance is akin to the coming together of the “South-pole and the North-pole”, but the same was the need of the hour in view of the verdict of the people.

“PDP’s pro-people ideology was nowhere being compromised and that the same was being vigorously pursued with the Central Government as well,” Beg said.

The PDP leader said his party has strongly advocated its stand on ‘Indo-Pak’ relations and has been pursuing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Ministry of External Affairs underlining the importance of talks and healthy relations between the two nations for the betterment of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Beg said while PDP would continue with its efforts to bring development, peace, stability and prosperity to the state, it was essential that all stakeholders realize their responsibilities and contribute towards the same and refrain from any actions that were detrimental for the society.

He also underlined the exceptional expanse at which roads were being built and said that ensuring good connectivity was essential and the efforts made by the Government were already being lauded by one and all.

“The onus to maintain peace in the state was on the majority community and Kashmir has always been known for its tolerance and secular ethos and the common man had no intentions of changing that image,” he said.

Beg reiterated that development, peace and prosperity were PDP’s agenda and that there shall be no compromise of the party’s “pro-people” agenda.–PTI

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