Plz understand our pain, don’t protest against amended citizenship law: Pak Hindus

Plz understand our pain, don't protest against amended citizenship law: Pak Hindus

NEW DELHI: Pakistani Hindus living in various parts of the national capital on Tuesday “appealed” to people to “understand their pain” and not protest against the amended citizenship law.

Meera Das (40), the grandmother of a month-old baby girl who was named “Nagrikta” after Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill, said, “We left behind our home, land … everything in Pakistan. This is our home now. Where will we go if you won’t accept us? Please understand our pain and don’t protest something heals our wounds.”

Sona Das, 42, who left his home in Hyderabad, Pakistan, and came to Delhi in 2011, said at a press conference, “Had you gone through what we have endured, you would have never protested. The law gives us a new lease of life.” PTI