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NEW YORK: Poverty and divisions among people on the basis of caste and religion in India were caused by lack of education, ‘Super 30’ fame mathematician Anand Kumar said, emphasising that technology must be harnessed to ensure education reaches every home in the country.

Kumar was the Chief Guest at a special event ‘Dance Pe Chance’ organised by the Federation of Indian Associations- NY NJ CT (FIA), the largest non-profit diaspora organisation in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, on the eve of India’s Republic Day celebrations in New Jersey.

“My hope is that people should come together and do something for the field of education in India. That’s most important. We divide ourselves on the basis on caste and religion, we fight due to small and petty things, poverty – all this is caused due to the lack of education. If there is education, then all this will change, things will improve,” Kumar told PTI here.

Kumar said that the strong Indian-American community should join forces to contribute to the field of education in India. He said a majority of the Indians who came to the US to pursue their dreams were from humble backgrounds and had to struggle a lot.

But through their handwork and dedication they have now made a name for themselves and are doing extremely well. “They know that education is the only way that can help people get out of poverty, open up new worlds, create new opportunities,” he said.

During his visit to the US, Kumar said he saw that several people have expressed their readiness to contribute in the education sector in India and help him in his laudable efforts to educate youngsters from the underprivileged section of society.

Kumar said he is focussing on harassing the power of technology to take education to homes across India in multiple languages. He said several Indians who are working in the technology field in America have expressed their keenness and willingness to support him and ‘Super 30’ take science and maths education to every home in India.

“Indians, who have set up technology firms or are working in some of the world’s top tech companies, have said they are ready to support me in every way. They say that through online and digital technology, mathematics and science should be taken to every home across India in Hindi, Magahi, Tamil or in any other language,” he said.

In India, as most people have access to mobile phones and data, this can be accomplished easily. “In the future, this is what I will focus on. While 30 students study in Super 30, we are taking a break of one year to expand it further. But through online and digital technology we are able to reach all homes, this will be our endeavour and focus,” Kumar said.

Kumar’s struggles and efforts to impart education and training to 30 deserving and economically-backward students for the IIT-JEE entrance exams every year was the inspiration for the Hrithik Roshan-starrer 2019 movie ‘Super 30’.

He said after watching the movie, more and more people, including in the US, want that people’s condition should improve and they know that education is key for that. Kumar noted that he is also keen to see how digital education platforms such as Ed EX created by Harvard and MIT can be used to take knowledge and education to more and more children.

Former FIA president Alok Kumar said Kumar’s “simplicity and message” has touched the hearts of the Indian-American community. “By imparting knowledge to one student, he is ensuring that in future the lives of at least 10 more families is improved. For this, education is the key point. Education can change lives,” he said.

FIA Chairman Ramesh Patel and Trustee Ankur Vaidya also applauded Kumar for his dedication and for being an inspiration to many.

Patel and Vaidya also expressed their keenness to host Kumar at the India Day Parade in August when the diaspora organisation will also celebrate its 50 years. PTI