Priyanka jibe at Modi, warns against concentration of power

PRIYENKA GANDHIRAE BARELI (UP): Targeting Narendra Modi, Priyanka Gandhi today warned against concentration of power in one person.

A day after breaking her silence on the continued “political” attacks on her husband Robert Vadra, the Congress star campaigner maintained that personal attacks should be avoided in electioneering and focus should be on real issues affecting the people.

“If all power is concentrated in the hands of one person, is it a good thing? Or should people have power?” she asked while campaigning for her mother Sonia Gandhi here.

Taking up the issue of personal attacks during campaigning, she said, “These days you can hear discussion on many things on TV. Personal attacks are being carried out. But this is not politics. This is being done to mislead people.

Discussions should be done on real issues. What are the problems of people? Discussions should be held on these issues.”

Taking on the BJP, she said they “spread hatred” while Congress promises development.

“These elections are about unity and strengthening the identity of India. When you go to vote then think what type of politics you want…the divisive one, which spreads communalism or the one which takes everyone together,” she said.

Addressing a corner meeting at Sijaur in Unchahar Assembly seat in the Parliamentary constituency, Priyanka said that by implementing the Right to Information, Congress showed how corruption could be removed.

“Opposition parties talk about removing corruption, but they must also tell how they are going to do this. By implementing RTI, Congress showed them the way. Congress stopped corruption by implementing RTI,” she said.

“People come amongst you to campaign, you must ask them what they were doing for development. What they have done for you. They come, deliver speech, but don’t tell what they will do for you,” she said. Seeking to connect with the women voters, Priyanka told them that her brother Rahul Gandhi had started self help groups for women in the area.

“Do you know that this program was started by Rahulji from Amethi? When he became MP in 2004, a thought was given to expand it and it was expanded in Rae Bareli. Since then you have seen how much development has taken place,” she said.

“You recognized your rights. In villages I found that the views of the people has changed a lot towards women. There are several programs which were launched by Congress. Our ideology is that the power should be in the hands of the people,” she said.

“Women have their own identity, they are not just daughters, sisters, wives and mothers. They are individuals,” she said.-PTI