Pune man gets Rs 19K earbuds instead of Rs 300 lotion ordered online

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PUNE: A man in Pune has earned the envy of social media users after he revealed that Amazon India sent him Bose earbuds costing Rs 19,000 when he ordered a skin lotion worth Rs 300 on the e-commerce platform.

What is more, Amazon even refused to take the earbuds back when he reported the matter as the order was non-returnable. “Bose wireless earbuds (Rs 19,000) delivered instead of skin lotion (Rs 300). @amazonIN support asked to keep it as the order was non-returnable!,” Gautam Rege wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

The tweet quickly became viral on social media. It has got over 15,000 likes and more than 3,000 retweets so far. And if you thought he was just too lucky in these difficult times, Rege then revealed that he even got a refund for the skin lotion.

Rege posted a picture of the earbuds that he received free of cost, making a lot of his followers instantly jealous. “Hey… I got a skin lotion instead of my Bose earbuds … let’s exchange…,” wrote on Twitter user who added a smiley emoji at the end of his message.

Some users asked which lotion they will have to order to get the earbuds. One user even asked Amazon India if he can also have the same goods as Rege. “Which God do you pray to?,” another user asked Rege.