Rajiv Joshi honored with top tech award

Rajiv Joshi honored with top tech awardWASHINGTON: Rajiv Joshi, an Indian-American scientist from IBM, has been selected for a top emerging technologies award in recognition of his work in memory chips and integrated circuits.
A research scientist and key technical lead at IBM, Joshi was honored with the prestigious Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Daniel E Noble award at the 2018 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference early this month.
He won the award for contributions to predictive failure analytics, Very-large-scale integration memory design, and chip interconnect technology.
The annual award recognizes outstanding contributions to emerging technologies in recent years.
It is named in honor of Daniel E. Noble, who is significantly known for the design and installation of the nation’s first statewide two-way radio communications system. The system was the first in the world to use FM technology.
An IIT Bombay alumni, Joshi’s inventions of novel materials, processes, and structures provided the way for the industry to achieve low resistance and high reliability contacts and interconnects to meet the requirements for contacting smaller transistors in higher speed integrated circuits.
His inventions created a paradigm shift in the way interconnect technology is used, enabling Moore’s Law to continue to be valid for today’s microelectronics technology.
These key innovations are cited in one of the 100 icons of IBM.
He has led successfully predictive failure analytic techniques for yield prediction. Several novel algorithms were developed to predict rare failure events which are orders of magnitude fast and accurate over conventional techniques.
Such algorithms have potential applications in financial sector, health science and other data analytics applications related to cognitive, Internet of Things (IoT).
He pushed technology-circuit co-design concept from bulk, SOI to FinFET technologies to generate novel high performance, low power storage memories.-PTI

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