Ratnagiri: Magnificent hills, pretty seashore


Situated on the gorgeous western coast, Ratnagiri in the Indian state of Maharashtra, was the administrative capital and the important port of the Muslim kingdom of Bijapur. Bestowed with many hot tourist spots, most diverse attractions are in store at Ratnagiri. The unparalleled beauty of Ratnagiri is attributed by the presence of the majestic Sahyadris and the beautiful Arabian Sea.

Ratnagiri is gifted with magnificent hills, pretty seashore, creeks, beautiful rivers, hot water springs and waterfalls apart from the ancient forts and monuments. Situated on the coastal belt, Ratnagiri is blessed with virgin beaches that lure the tourists.

The birthplace of so many well-known Indians who had lost their lives in the freedom struggle, this small city acquired a remarkable position in the history of India. Situated in pretty surroundings, Ratnagiri offers a rejuvenating environment to the visitors.  

This sprawling city is endowed with majestic hills, appealing seashore, cascading waterfalls, and glorious monuments. An unspoilt beauty on the Konkan coastline, this lovely locale is a tourists’ delight and the ideal place to explore natural splendour.


Ratnadurg Fort: Besieged by the charming Arabian Sea on the three sides, the massive Ratnadurga Fort presents a splendid look. A massive structure in the shape of a horseshoe, with a length of 1,300 meters and a width of 1,000 meters, Ratnadurg Fort was once a stronghold of the Maratha Empire.

Spread over a vast area of 120 acres, Ratnadurg Fort was under Muslim rule for so many years. Now a collapsed structure, lying across two hills, Ratnadurg Fort gives a decrepit look. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, Ratnadurg Fort offers a dazzling view of the sun. Another specific attraction in the fort is the marvelous lighthouse situated in the bastions of the fort.

Gateway of RatnagiriGateway of Ratnagiri: The Gateway of Ratnagiri is a preposterous structure with a sloped roof in the Ratnagiri Jetty in Mandavi Beach. The magnificent beach itself is renowned as the gateway of the hilly terrain. The popular belief is that this structure, the defense of the mainland, is the work of the Pratinidhi Dhondu Bhaskar.

Swaymbhu Ganpati Temple: The idol of Ganapati at the Swayambhu Ganpati Temple is built of pule which is nothing but white sand and is believed to be self-originated – it is not man-made. Another idol of Ganapati which is made of copper is placed in the Sanctum Sanctorum. It depicts the Lord astride a lion. The idol is so set that at sunrise and sunset, the golden light of the sun penetrates and lights up the idol. 

The Swayambhu Ganpati Temple is about 20 km from the town of Ratnagiri. The rhythmic beat of the nagaras is heard in early morning.  

Pandre Samudra: Pandre Samudra is a beach with a long, clean stretch of sand whose name means ‘White sea’. Situated very near to Ratnagiri town, Pandre Samudra allures people with its silvery charm.

Mandavi Beach: A booming hot spot of tourists, Mandavi Beach is the most crowded beach in the Ratnagiri region. The prettiest beach in Ratnagiri, Mandavi is gifted with a vast line of seashore right up to Rajiwanda Port.

Thibaw Point: Thibaw Point is the place where the lovely mansion, The Thibaw Palace is located. Built-in the year 1910, the palace is famed as the exile shelter of the king and the queen of Burma (Myanmar). Situated at the hem of a hill, this point is a fast emerging tourist destination in Ratnagiri that offers delightful sceneries of virgin land. The best time to visit: Between October and March. 

How to reach

Road: Ratnagiri is situated along the western coast of Maharashtra 375Km south of Mumbai, along the Konkan coast. On Mumbai Goa National Highway No. 17 (NH-17), after Sangameshwar, take a right turn from Nivali village [while one is driving towards Ratnagiri] for Ganapatipule (32 km) or take the right turn from Hathkhamba (Nivali – Hathkhamba: 4km) to go to Ganapatipule. Ganapatiphule is well connected by state transport buses.

Rail: Karbude is the nearest station for passenger trains and Ratnagiri for all trains.

Air: Ratnagiri and after that Mumbai is the nearest and well connected airport.