Reaching the Top 3 Results on Google SERP Guide

Reaching the Top 3 Results on Google SERP Guide

Getting to the top of the search engine results page is one of the best ways to get good quality online traffic in the modern world. With so many different niches available, it is a competitive market out there. One of the most competitive ones without doubts is the online casino niche. While doing our research on the online casino’s niche, we came across one of the biggest and most successful online casinos – LeoVegas casino in India. When we ran a SEMrush check on LeoVegas, we were surprised to see that they are ranking on a lot of VERY competitive KWs on the top 3 results in India.

When we checked their backlinks profile and content onsite, we’ve discovered some very strong link building and content strategies. If you aim to rank in one of those niches with average KDs of 80+, you will need an aggressive approach and probably A LOT of money to invest.

Now, you must ask yourself, what can you do to climb your way to the top of those rankings? Well, there are no guarantees to reach the top 3, but there are ways that you can increase your chances. We’ve outlined some of the best ways to increase your rankings and increase the amount of organic traffic that your site gets below.

Pick the Right Words for your Niche

Knowing your niche is one of the best ways to increase your Google rankings. For example, in the online casino world, you wouldn’t be using keywords such as ‘tacos’ and ‘cheeseburgers’. These keywords would work well for a fast-food restaurant, but for an online casino this would put your site in front of the wrong audience. Keywords such as ‘gambling’ or ‘video slots’ are more relevant and they would work much better for ranking.

So, make sure that you choose the right keywords to use on your site. Even if Google changes how its algorithm works, which it does quite often, having the right keywords in place is still something that will benefit your site. However, regardless of how the algorithm currently works, correct keywords will always be an important aspect of how your site is ranked. So, look into which keywords work best for your niche and attempt to use them in the right places for your site.

Use Metadata

Meta titles and meta descriptions are a great way to get your site noticed by search engines. If you don’t use these when creating your site, then there is a chance that your site will be overlooked by search robots. Just like choosing the right keywords, choosing the right metadata is always something that will increase your site rankings.

It’s also important to keep the metadata at the right size but it is not just the meta title and description that matters. Using the right headings, having alt text in place, and using keywords in your content, preferably in bold, will all help to push your site closer to the top of those Google searches.

Get Some Inbound Links

This is in relation to when your site is linked to by another site on the internet. While any inbound link is positive, it’s better if it comes from a niche that is linked to your site. If another site writes about online casinos regularly, then a link to an online casino from this site would carry more weight than a link from a site that writes about lawnmowers. If you are running a soccer website, then a link from a sports website would be worth more to you than a link from a site about cups.

While more relevant links will increase your search engine rankings, they will also increase your organic traffic too. Someone reading a site about online casinos will be more likely to visit an online casino than someone who is reading a site about lawnmowers. This means that if you choose the right places to share your links, you will not just increase your search engine rankings, but you will also increase the number of visitors you get and keep in the long term.

Stick to a Schedule

A writing schedule is important if you want to increase your search engine rankings. A dormant site is much more likely to fall away from the top of search engines than a site that regularly gets updated. If you set out a schedule where you will publish writing and relevant content, then it will keep your site active and ensure you get more people coming your way.

It also means that you will keep people coming back on the days that you publish in order to read the new pages you are creating. This regular organic traffic will add extra weighting to your search engine rankings. The potential for social media shares by people will also make your site much more valuable in terms of where it is ranked on search engines.