Rebooting India

Modi New Cabinet

The recent reshuffling of the council of ministers in India may surprise many but it is the best move Modi has done keeping in view the current situation the country faces.

Multiple issues starting with the handling of Pandemic, the economy, unemployment, skirmishes at borders, rising oil prices, and poor results in some state elections by the ruling party. Modi’s new team of young and highly qualified ministers, with varied backgrounds including medical, engineering, and senior bureaucrats, could bring the change most needed. Experts see this as a major shakeup, with the clear message that he means business. 

The reshuffling also saw the exit of several senior leaders from the party. Besides bringing younger ministers, the new team has inducted ministers from backward classes and increased the representation of women. Modi has realized that if India wants to compete with China and globally, he needs the right people manning the key ministries. India has been lagging behind manufacturing, telecom, power generation, infrastructure, and healthcare. Hopefully, the new changes in these areas might bring some progress.

A key area has been the disinvestment of Public Sector Units including the national carrier Air India. The government of India has been trying hard to accelerate the process but the results aren’t visible.

For example, there is a huge shortage of chip manufacturers globally, mainly due to restrictions by US companies importing from China. This is where India needs to step in and collaborate with countries like Taiwan to revamp global and domestic demand. Another area is the healthcare industry, where India can play a major role as seen with the production of vaccines. The Indian pharma sector has been doing very well and it can further enhance their collaboration with world leaders.

India’s Tourism industry needs to reboot its potential. India’s climate and diversity of cultural heritage has immense potential. The hospitality industry needs massive investment in the medium-scale category. There are enough high-end five-star hotels in the country but for Indian tourism to move upward it needs to provide affordable infrastructure. This will not only create employment but also bring huge foreign investments.

Modi has been pushing several initiatives in the area of climate change. India must encourage the use of renewable energy like solar, wind, etc., to meet its need for power & electricity as these resources are also unlimited and sustainable.

The rapidly increasing population is perhaps the biggest menace that India faces currently. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, pollution, crime, etc., all have roots in its over-population. India is the second most populated country after China & unless the nation takes some effective steps to check population growth, India can’t become a superpower it wants to be. By providing free & compulsory education to children, as well as to uneducated adults, India could achieve the rapid development is needs.