Revealing original name ‘proved’ costly for Rajan


Chhota-RajanNEW DELHI: Revealing his original name to immigration authorities when asked to step out of the queue at Bali in Indonesia landed underworld don Chhota Rajan in the security net and he was arrested soon after.

Giving details about the arrest of the don in Indonesia, CBI sources said when he was asked to step out of the queue at Bali by the immigration authorities and identify himself, Rajan told his real name as Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje and not Mohan Kumar as mentioned in his passport.

They said after this, the Indonesian authorities got confirmation that he was the person against whom Red Corner Notice was issued.

The authorities then started identification process and 11 out of 18 points of finger print samples given in the notice matched which confirmed his identity.

Meanwhile, strict security measures have been adopted with the road in front of CBI headquarters closed for public movement. Heavy barricading has been done by the Delhi Police at three spots on the road.

Within headquarters, personnel of Quick Reaction Team of CISF, Nagaland Police and Delhi Police are watching every entry and exit.

Special guards in civil dress are guarding the ground floor and first floor where the underworld don is likely to have been kept even as murmurs of him being kept in a safe house are also doing the rounds. After getting the input of his presence in Australia, CBI tried to establish his identity by secretly obtaining his finger prints which matched with the database following with keeping a surveillance on his movements, the sources said.

They said getting him back from Australia would have been a tedious and nearly impossible task because of stringent local laws but an input came in blessing in disguise that his residency permit was getting over on October 31, 2015.

While Rajan, who was living as Mohan Kumar, was desperately trying to get it extended, Indian agencies including CBI started to block any possible extension of his residency permit in Australia through the engagement of various channels between the two countries.

The agencies which were keeping a tab on his movements came to know that Rajan was planning to move to Bali on October 25 six days before his residence permit in Australia was about to expire.

The sources claimed he chose Bali because of two possible reasons: his gang has strong presence in South East Asia and the possible threat from Dawood gang would be less.

The Australian Interpol in close cooperation with CBI informed Bali authorities that a fugitive having a Red Corner Notice is traveling to the tourist town on the fake identity of Mohan Kumar.

Upon his arrival, the immigration authorities spotted him and asked about his identity to which he told them his real name was Rajendra Nikalje whereas he was traveling on the identity of Mohan Kumar which prompted his arrest.

The sources claimed according to local Indonesian laws, he could be kept in the custody of Indonesian police for 15 days and only after that he could have approached court.

Suspecting that once he approaches local court, it may result in long legal battle, which may or may not go India’s way, to bring him back, CBI got his passport, which was valid till July 7, 2018, cancelled on October 31 so that he becomes persona non grata in Indonesia as well as his avenues to travel to other countries get blocked.

On the same day, a team of seven officials including those drawn from CBI, Mumbai Police and Delhi Police reached Bali from where he was brought back in a special aircraft.-PTI