Russian Embassy in Ukraine
KIEV, UKRAINE - APRIL 17, 2021: A view of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says that a senior diplomat of the Russian Embassy in Kiev must leave Ukraine within 72 hours beginning April 19 in response to the expulsion of Alexander Sosonyuk, a consul of the Consulate General of Ukraine in St Petersburg. Ivan Nikolayev/TASS”краина.  иев. «дание посольства –оссийской ‘едерации в ”краине. ¬ ћ»ƒ ”краины за€вили, что старший дипломат посольства –оссии в  иеве должен покинуть территорию ”краины в течение 72 часов с 19 апрел€ в св€зи с высылкой украинского консула ј.—осонюка из –оссии. »ван Ќиколаев/“ј——

MOSCOW: Russia does not plan to move its embassy in Ukraine from Kiev, a source told Sputnik.

Answering the question whether the Russian side plans to temporarily move the embassy to Kharkov or Odessa amid the transfer of Western embassies from the capital of Ukraine, the source said: “No, our foreign missions continue to work.”
“There are no such plans,” he said. (ANI/Sputnik)