Russia keen on selling MiG-35 jet to India


Russia has been keen on selling the fighter MiG-35 jet to India, claiming that the Indian Subcontinent has shown interest in buying it and the talks were on to understand its requirements.

The Director General of Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, Ilya Tarasenko exclaimed that it is the best and can beat the American jet in air to air combat.

“We are proposing supply of the aircraft for tenders in India and we actively work with its Air Force in order to win the tender,” he stated.

India has been using MiG aircrafts for the past 50 years, which is why it’s one of the first countries that are proposed MiG’s latest products. MiG corporation intends on supplying India with the most modern products in the future as well.

“We are in the negotiation stage where talks on technical and technological specifications that MiG can present to India and the requirements that India has for this aircraft were taking place. Since this is a very new plane, it will still take some time to negotiate on exactly what India needs and adjust the product to it,” he said. -PTI

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