Saputara, Gujarat

Saputara, GujaratStunning views of sunrise, sunset amid cool ambiance

A picturesque hill station located 1000 m above sea level with a nice bracing cool climate, Saputara the ‘Abode of Serpents’, is located in the forest region of Dangs of Sahyadari Ranges. The town, the only hill station in Gujarat, is situated on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border. The ambiance is very cool throughout the seasons and the maximum temperature experienced here is 28 degrees in summer months.

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ram spent his 11 years of exile in the dense forests of Saputara. There is a deity of a serpent (snake) placed on the banks of the river Sarpaganga. Local tribal folks worship this serpent god and celebrate festivals like Holi. Saputara is enriched with natural relics and bio diversity, with awesome climate of chilly air and the terrains covered with mists in the evenings.

Saputara attracts lots of tourists to its scenic lap, owing to its stunning view, lively location and cool climate. Saputara has marvelous waterfalls and the place is ideal for watching sunrise and sunset. In the pleasant monsoon, Saputara offers breathtaking scenes for nature lovers. The Saputara Lake in the backdrop of lush greenery and charming surroundings is a major attraction. Boating facilities such as paddle boats are available on the lake.

The place also houses some beautiful gardens and a museum. One of the main attractions of Saputara is the ‘Pushpak Ropeway’. It is considered the longest ropeway in the country and attracts a large number of children and young couples. There is a hill resort with hotels, parks, swimming pools, theatres and a museum.

Saputara Attractions

Pandava Caves: Pandava Caves, also known as Aravalem caves, are renowned by the mythical stories of Pandavas, the great warriors of the epic Mahabharatha. The caves are located in an ambiance of wilderness at a place Valpoi in the district of North Goa, a border district of Goa with Gujarat. It is believed that Pandavas put up here for some time during their stay in the forest and they used these caves to offer prayers to Lord Shiva. An impressive Shivling is placed inside the caves. These are beautiful caves lending light to the epic period.

Echo Point: Echo Point, as the name highlights, is the place where one can hear the echo of what one says. It is located in Matheran near Saputara. It is one of the prime tourist attractions near Saputara. Echo Point offers exquisite picturesque surroundings with many waterfalls, enhancing the breathtaking beauty of the location. The atmosphere is calm and cool. There are many spectacular tourist spots like Louisa Point, Charlotte Lake, and King George Point.

Saputara Lake: Saputara Lake, a serene and secluded picnic spot, is placed right at the heartland of Saputara valley. The lake is on the base of Saputara hill station and is placed perfectly on the picturesque hilly surroundings. The surroundings of the lake are provided with many facilities for merry making, especially with children’s parks and play grounds.

Step Garden: Another attractive place in Saputara, the Step Garden has the unique feature of a garden set up in steps. Well laid out steps are adorned with beautiful plants, flower pots and in the midst of nice woods. There is a forest hut for the comfortable stay of the visitors, placed amidst the garden. The garden is well maintained and offers many varieties of flowers and plants. The garden has open space for children to roam around. This is a nice place to spend the evenings away from the town’s hustle and bustle.

Sunset Point: An awesome view of sunset is the spectacular attraction of Sunset point, also known as Gandhi Shikhar (peak). It is at a walkable distance from the heart of the town. This point provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding tribal villages in their natural splendor and also an aerial view of wide spans of Dang Forest. The dense forest surrounding Saputara is dotted with picturesque scenes and many tribal villages. One can reach this marvelous sunset point by using the ropeway or by climbing the hills.

Valley View Point: Valley View Point, also known as Sunrise Point, is a peak in Saputara, from where one can get a marvelous bird’s eye view of the down Saputara valley. Adventurous travelers need to make a difficult climb of about 1.5 km to reach this spot. Picturesque surroundings with cool breeze offer an envious picnic location at the mount. Tourists here lie down on the greenish lawns, close their eyes and dream the gifts of nature. Valley View Point is majestic.

Trekking: Saputara is really a wonderful vacation spot for trekking with many established trekking trails and many unexplored pathways, still with unspoiled atmosphere and surroundings. An enthusiast tourist to Saputara can undertake trekking in Saputara hills, nature walks around the Saputara Lake, hill climbing to Valley View Point, camping in the dense woods of Saputara hills and many such adventurous activities.
Best time to visit

Saputara promises an all year pleasant weather. It does not experience any extreme climatic variations. Summer during March to June has a narrow temperature band of 28°C to 38°C. Winters during December to February are extremely pleasant within the temperature range of 8°C to 28°C. Monsoons during July to September offer a humid climate with average rainfalls.

An attraction here is the three day ‘Grishm Mahotsav’ during May. The Mahotsav is very attractive for the tourists to watch the hill station with many art and cultural programs.

How to reach

By Train: Waghai railway station is about 50 km away from Saputara city center. This station is directly connected with Mumbai and regular train services are available from here to many cities in India.

By Air: Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International airport, which is 360 km away from Saputara, is the nearest airport.

By Bus: Saputara is well connected to all neighboring cities by Government owned buses. Private A/C and non A/C deluxe buses are also available.

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