SC order on tainted candidates: Cong says order already ‘torn to shreds’ by PM

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NEW DELHI: After the Supreme Court order on decriminalisation of politics, the Congress on Thursday alleged that the directions were already torn to shreds by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Anand Singh, an accused in mining cases, was appointed a minister in Karnataka, while the BJP hailed the verdict, saying it would strengthen electoral democracy.

The Congress welcomed the apex court direction asking all parties to upload on their website details of pending criminal cases against candidates contesting polls, noting that there has been an alarming increase in criminalisation of politics.

The top court said political parties will also have to upload reasons for selecting candidates who have criminal cases pending against them.

“Today itself, Modiji has torn to shreds the SC orders on citing reasons for giving tickets to leaders accused in cases,” Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala tweeted, tagging a news report about Anand Singh, an accused in mining and forest crime cases, being appointed as the new minister for forest, environment and ecology in Karnataka.

“Modi ji and the BJP again come to the rescue of ‘Bellary Gang’! SC says give reasons for giving tickets to tainted Netas or contempt! Modiji says make tainted Netas not MLAs alone but Ministers of the ministry, which has been allegedly looted! Will SC issue contempt of PM and Karnataka CM,” Surjewala asked.

The BJP on its part said the SC direction would strengthen electoral democracy in the country and enable voters make a choice keeping “all factors” in mind when they cast their vote. BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli said the orders of the top court have to be complied with. “It strengthens the electoral democratic process in enabling the voters to make a choice keeping all factors in mind,” he said.

Another Congress spokesperson, Jaiveer Shergill, told a press conference that his party welcomes the apex court’s decision as it’s an important step towards decriminalising politics.

“The Congress welcomes the historic verdict of the Supreme Court towards decriminalisation of politics and making politics free from crime and criminals. The judgment of Supreme Court is vindication of Rahul Gandhi’s fight against criminalisation of politics. It is vindication of Rahul Gandhi’s stand to make politics free from crime and criminals,” he said.

He said the BJP has appointed Anand Singh as a minister in Karnataka despite 15 corruption cases pending against him.

“The BJP believes in politics of crime and criminals and not in clean and clear politics. Appointment of Anand Singh as Karnataka minister proves the BJP’s goal is to criminalise politics. The BJP is a comfortable shelter home for MP/MLAs with criminal antecedents,” he alleged.

“The BJP by appointing Anand Singh as a Minister of Forest Environment & Ecology in Karnataka government has made a mockery of Supreme Court judgment, which was for ensuring decriminalisation of politics. The BJP’s appointment of Anand Singh is a commitment to bring back the Bellary gang into the administration,” he said.

It is a stamp of approval of the Bellary mine scam going on in Karnataka by none other than the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shergill alleged.

“The prime minister is in violation of the advisory of the Supreme Court not to induct any minister facing serious charges of crime or having faced a charge sheet or charge sheet in the trial court,” he said.

“Is it not true that a charge sheet has been filed against Anand Singh? Is it not true that he is wanted and being tried in 15 cases?” he asked.

Shergill asked, “Should a contempt notice not be issued against the Prime Minister of the country and the Chief Minister of Karnataka for inducting a charge sheeted person as a Minister in the government…for not adhering to the advisory of the Supreme Court dated August 27, 2014.”

The Congress leader alleged that 42 pc of BJP candidates have criminal cases pending against them and many of their candidates contesting elections face cases of serious nature, including murder and kidnapping.

“The crux of the matter today is that the BJP is the provider, protector and beneficiary of the gang of criminals and gangsters who are mushrooming in this country and now sitting in the Parliament of India,” Shergill alleged.

The Congress leader continued his attack on the BJP saying, it was an “expert” in data-fudging, data-suppressing, and data-twisting to mislead the public. Shergill said the BJP should officially change its name from Bharatiya Janata Party to Nathuram Godse Party.

“The BJP is not a worshipper, believer or disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. The BJP is a staunch bhakt of Nathuram Godse. The BJP should shun all its hypocrisy and go to the Election Commission to file an application to change its name,” he said.

“The truth of the matter is the prime minister of the country, his colleagues play a double-game, believe in double speak. On one hand, they share benches, rub shoulders, and break bread with those who hail the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, and on the outside in the world of TV, they claim to believe in Mahatma Gandhi.”

“On television, they are Mahatma Gandhi believers, but in their vision and heart, they are Nathuram Godse supporters,” he said. PTI

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