‘School of Ram’ to open in virtual world

'School of Ram' to open in virtual world

VARANASI: A student of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) has conceptualized and set up the first virtual school dedicated to spreading the ideals, values, and virtues of Lord Ram.

Known as the School of Ram, this online platform is open to all and anyone may join it for free. This will be done among the young generations through videos, lectures, and stories on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Prince Tiwari, a B.A. second-year student from BHU, said: “The purpose of the School of Ram is crystal clear. It will work for ‘vyakti nirman’ (character building), family building and society building by spreading ideals of Lord Ram.”

Probably, this will be the first such virtual school which will take the ideals of Lord Ram and the universal form of the Ramayana and Ram katha through social media to the common people.

Explaining the objective behind the virtual school, Prince said, “At present, disintegration of the family is becoming a common problem. Many people do not obey their parents, they do not care for them well. Many people ignore the elders. Family values are declining. In the absence of ideals and values in the family, its disintegration begins.”

“The virtual School of Ram will try to stop this disintegration by spreading the ideals and values of Lord Shri Ram among the people, especially the younger generation, which is quite active on social media platforms. We will upload videos, lectures, and stories of Lord Ram on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and also on WhatsApp so that the young generation may know about ideals and values of Lord Ram and take inspiration,” said Tiwari.

He further said, “Lord Ram is known as a highly obedient son, a caring and loving brother and an ideal husband. He is revered for his virtues, sacrifice, and values. Let us take inspiration from the character of Lord Ram. By living a nature-oriented life like Ram, the challenge of environmental degradation before the world today can be tackled.”

This completely online ‘school’ has no building.

The virtual school will organize webinars and will post content on Lord Ram on a daily basis. Prof Rajneesh Shukla, vice chancellor of the Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University in Wardha, will formally inaugurate the School of Ram on March 24. Vidya Bharati national secretary Avanish Bhatnagar will preside over the inaugural ceremony in which several other dignitaries will remain present.