Silicon Valley’s Rishi Kumar poised for Congressional Victory as incumbent Anna Eshoo retires

Rishi Kumar
Congressman Rishi Kumar

Under the overcast Sunday afternoon in March 2021, Rishi Kumar and his wife Seema and a small group of devoted friends, embarked on a journey that would redefine the political landscape of Silicon Valley. Knocking door by door their grassroots Congressional campaign wove its story into the fabric of the Los Altos neighborhood they were canvassing and eventually into every corner of the district, winning many hearts and minds.

Fast forward to last November 2022, in a David and Goliath tale, Rishi Kumar made headlines and garnered a historic and unprecedented 42% of the vote against a five decade incumbent, Representative  Anna Eshoo, earning 102,000 votes in a narrow loss.

Eshoo’s recent retirement – just a year after the last election and a mere hundred days before the upcoming March 5, 2024, primary election – has presented a once in a generation opening of a powerful Silicon Valley Congressional seat. And Rishi is sitting in the driver’s seat of this race! The imperative is for a visionary leader adept at navigating the complex maze of workforce and economic challenges that lie ahead of an Artificial Intelligence driven automation economy. Rishi’s background in politics and tech has clearly prepared him to do so!

Rishi KumarRishi commented on Eshoo’s retirement:, “I respect Rep. Eshoo’s five decades of public service. I will certainly miss her anticipated contributions to the world of Artificial Intelligence. I am grateful for the overwhelming support we have received in the last few hours. Our campaign never stopped in a hundred days, we’ll be victorious! The foundation of my campaign has been ethics-in-politics, and I will forever reject the special interest group, the dark tainted money…. I will always fight for the people!”

Rishi Kumar will be the first Congressman of color in Silicon Valley’s history, and it’s more than just a political race; it represents a movement towards a future, shaped by the people of the district – not the special interest groups –  he has connected with in the congressional district with his daily canvassing and outreach. His victory would cement a significant milestone in a region where Indian Americans play a vital role in the economy, as venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, greatly influencing the dynamics of Silicon Valley’s economic landscape.

Rishi’s experience as a C-suite software executive, in the AI industry, has uniquely positioned him to address the challenges and opportunities of Silicon Valley. Rishi’s ten year political  journey, all while juggling both a full time executive role in SIlicon Valley software companies and full time father of two boys, has led him from being a key player on the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party to contributions to the Governor’s University of California Regents Selection Committee. His tech savvy skills were critical on the California Department of Education’s Computer Science Implementation panel as he worked towards rolling out the state’s K-12 Computer Science curriculum, that is already live today.

As an elected leader, Rishi’s pragmatic approach has led to tangible improvements in crime reduction, utility cost management, and tax optimization in his city and region.  His re-election run in Saratoga, achieving the highest votes in 66 years, stands as a clear endorsement of his problem-solving skills and effective leadership. Rishi got things done!

Rishi KumarEchoing a sentiment from his social media, Rishi’s campaign can be summarized in a simple yet powerful message:
“Recycled Water – Yes!
Recycled Politicians – No!”
This aligns with America’s growing desire for leaders who offer fresh perspectives and practical solutions, a narrative that Rishi embodies.

Rishi’s success in this race is key for shaping the future of a region at the forefront of technological innovation. Rishi’s policies are available at