Some tips to stay safe while driving in fog

NEW DELHI: As visibility, levels drop and people go through a nightmarish experience driving in foggy conditions, here are a few tips to stay safe.

Avoid using high-beam lights

High-beam lights reflect off the water droplets in front of them and consequently, cause a glare which makes it much harder to see what’s in front of you. Low-beam lights are much more efficient to use during low-visibility situations on road.

Stay absolutely focused on the road

While driving always requires constant attention on the road, it becomes crucial to stay alert when there’s blinding fog surrounding your vehicle. It’s best to keep your mobile phones aside and avoid playing loud music to keep all sorts of distractions at bay.

Keep your driving speed in check

If a vehicle is right behind you, it might be quite tempting to hit the accelerator and rush forward. However, it can make the situation quite dangerous and could cause an accident in low visibility. It’s best to remain patient and keep driving at a reasonable speed throughout, keeping full control of your vehicle throughout the drive.

In extreme fog, pull your vehicle over

In case the fog is too dense and you’re unable to see even nearby signs and symbols on the road, it is best to pull over the vehicle off the road somewhere safe, and wait a while to let some of the fog subside. Don’t forget to switch your hazard lights on so other drivers can see you and take their vehicles past you.

Keep your windscreen and windows clean

Needless to say, the windows and windscreen of your vehicle are bound to get frosty and hinder your visibility on road. Hence, they have to be cleaned frequently. Keep a cloth with you to rub them time and again. Using your vehicle’s heater also helps in reducing frosty windows caused by condensation inside. (ANI)


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