Spain officially recognises Palestinian statehood to ‘advance peace’


MADRID: Spain’s left-wing government formally announced the recognition of a Palestinian state on Tuesday, after the decision was made, along with Norway and Ireland last week.

“This is a historic decision that has a single goal — to help the Israelis and the Palestinians achieve peace,” Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a statement outside his official residence, Moncloa Palace, in Madrid.

Sanchez spoke before the government’s Council of Ministers gave its official approval.

In view of the debate on the question of the borders of the state of Palestine, the Prime Minister said that it was not for Spain to “define the borders of other countries”.

The Socialist leader said the state of Palestine “must first and foremost be viable”.

He also said, “The West Bank and the Gaza Strip must be connected by a corridor, with East Jerusalem as its capital and united under the legitimate government of the Palestinian Authority.”

Sanchez added that his government’s decision was not directed against Israel, which he called “a friendly nation that we respect, that we value and with which we want to have the best possible relations”.

He said his government is opposed to the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and strongly condemns the attacks the militants launched on Israel on October 7.

However, recognition is “the only way to a two-state solution”.

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