PariPesa Cricket Betting

Cricket is a team sport with a vast number of followers. It’s very popular in India — according to some data, our fans make this sports discipline the second most popular after football. Cricket matches take place all year round, so you always have chances to make money from betting on this sport.

Cricket Betting on PariPesaNow, let’s find out how to profit from your cricket knowledge and review the best cricket betting company in India — PariPesa!

Cricket Basics

The first info about cricket dates back to the 16th century when the British played a similar sport with a ball and a flat bat. The British expansion into distant regions of the world led to the rising popularity of this sport in new countries.

Cricket betting is a multi-billion dollar business in the UK, Asia, Australia and nearby countries. The biggest betting markets are provided for matches between national teams and the Twenty20 Indian Premier League. It’s worth noting that about 70 per cent of cricket bets are made in the LIVE section.

Twenty20 is the fastest and most spectacular cricket format, where the matches don’t last long. T20 is getting more and more popular globally: there are only two innings, and the average duration of the game is about three and a half hours.

PariPesa Сricket Bets in India

There are many online betting companies for cricket betting, however, only few deliver the ultimate range of wager options. Today, we review betting opportunities provided by the PariPesa brand — the best online betting company for cricket betting in India!

Win 1/Win 2. This betting market allows placing bets on the winner of the match. You estimate both teams’ chances to win and add the right pick to the coupon. This type of cricket betting is the simplest. You just pick the favourite and make a shot! Nice and easy!

Cricket Bets PariPesa

Total Runs In Over. This is the second most-used betting market to select the right pick in. Here, to beat a bookie, you need to predict the approximate number of runs. For example, in the picture below, we place a punt on Total Runs In Over Number 1 Over 3.5 with betting odds of 2.00.

Player Stats PariPesa

Player stats. The top-level cricket matches come with many personal betting markets. The most popular of them:

  • Тhe Best Batsman,
  • The Best Bowler,
  • The Best Player,
  • Total Runs

Select your favourite sportsman and root for him with a bet! Of course, don’t forget to do some research to know his current playing form. This will dramatically increase your chance of winning!

PariPesa Rankings

Note: Far from all bookies deliver personal betting markets. Most of them provide only a limited set of betting options: W1/W2, Totals, Team to Win the Toss, etc. That’s why we recommend registering only with the up-to-date sportsbooks offering the most diverse betting markets!

Match stats. Cricket abounds with various statistics and small betting markets. Big matches always offer the number of run-outs, the highest opening partnership and multiple other betting options.

Player Stats PariPesa

First innings. This is a reasonably popular betting market in lengthy test matches — to know the result of the first innings, you don’t have to wait several days. Here, you can usually find all the bet types mentioned above.

Team to Win The Toss. Basically, this is the most primitive market provided by sportsbooks for all major matches. The chances of predicting the attacking first team are fifty-fifty, and if playing long, you will lose money due to the betting margin. That’s why we suggest avoiding such types of bets if you are going to generate profits over the long term!

Apart from the options mentioned above, the PariPesa brand platform also offers the following betting markets:

  • First Ball Of The Match,
  • Results After First Overs,
  • Most Run-Outs. Stats,
  • Direction Of The First Boundary,
  • 1st Wicket – Method Of Fall. Stats
  • How Many Runs Will Any Player Score. Stats,
  • First Dismissal Will Be Through The Catch of The Match

PariPesa Features

Diverse online bets on cricket are not the only PariPesa advantage over other bookies. The platform also boasts a modern and fast website, many payment methods, loyal and efficient customer support. 

The PariPesa brand bonus program deserves special attention. The company provides a lot of generous prizes for both new and existing players: The First Deposit Bonus, Daily Bonus, Accumulator Bonus and many others. Start winning by getting a Welcome Bonus of up to 800 INR!

PariPesa Bonus

Cricket Betting Summary

Like in betting on other sports, the best cricket bettors have a real eye for high-value odds — mainly thanks to a well-elaborated betting strategy. There are many approaches to analysing cricket matches, but almost all include research on weather, pitch and ball conditions. That’s why you want to keep in mind all these factors to remain in the black!

In LIVE betting, don’t neglect the toss results. In cricket, the attack order is determined by a simple coin toss. This procedure has a big impact on the match outcome. The team attacking first in a test match often gains an advantage, it makes the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball.

Betting on cricket Tips

Betting on cricket tips is becoming a serious hobby and business for Indian players. Fortunately, there are sportsbooks keeping up with global trends and offering the best online cricket bets.

Nevertheless, novice players should remember that there is no versatile betting strategy. To lead a profitable game over the long term, you need to know all the nuances of the rules and eagerly absorb all the latest information. Moreover, you want to implement betting strategies and develop your approach for each match. This is especially important in cricket, where seemingly minor external factors can shift the balance in the most unexpected way!