Tandon For Congress

Silicon Vally Supprt Team holding Tondon flyer
Silicon Vally Supprt Team holding Tondon flyer

India Post News Service

FREMONT, California: On October 6, Dr Romesh Japra, Publisher of India Post and Founder-Convener of Festival of Globe, at his home here announced the candidacy of Ritesh Tandon for Congressman for District 17 in the presence of 150 people.

District 17 includes San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Newark, Fremont, and Milpitas. The grandson of a freedom fighter, Ritesh Tandon was instilled with an appreciation for freedom and independence, a statement issued in this connection said. This would lead him to the United States of America at age 28, where he would attend Santa Clara University in pursuit of a master’s degree in computer engineering. He would also obtain his master’s in business.

Ritesh Tandon
Ritesh Tandon

Ritesh’s almost two-decade career in Silicon Valley included stints with Cisco and Jabra. However, his greatest passion is his non-profit work. Ritesh has proudly served the disadvantaged both here in the Bay Area and abroad.

Since 2000, Ritesh has volunteered with the Sankara Eye Foundation, working to eradicate
blindness in India. With Sankara, Ritesh has helped build 12 large scale hospitals in India. He
currently sits on the Sankara’s executive council team.

Ritesh also serves as president of Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America (UPMA). Since his taking office, UPMA has started funding Bay Area education and daycare programs for underprivileged kids. They are currently providing for the fundamental and educational needs of over 600 kids.

Ritesh is proud Hindu and his goal is to be your representative, not just a talking head on behalf of the radical wing of the Democratic Party. Ritesh believes that “we all need to stand with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we need to stand with our allies and keep America First”.

“Ritesh likes to fight for you, work for you and win for you,” the statement said. Ritesh believes that existing Congressman Ro Khanna did not perform his duties and worked against Indian communities by joining Pakistan Caucus and supporting them. “We all know Pakistan is funding terrorism in India and Osama Bin Laden, who killed over 5000 Americans, was found in Pakistan,” the statement further said.

“Ritesh was disturbed with the endorsement of anti-Hindu activist, Peter Friedrich, by Ro Khanna.  Peter has verbally harassed Hindu American children and their parents peacefully waiting in line to testify at the California State Board of Education.

“As a father of two wonderful children, Ritesh is always seeking to make his community better for his family and others. Ritesh firmly believes that immigration and tax reforms are required to help our communities to get early green cards.   Seeing a lack of representation of our values in Washington, DC, Ritesh is seeking to serve the Bay Area in Congress. Ritesh will fight for all our communities
and ensure the residents of the 17th Congressional District have a voice in Washington, DC.”

Help fund Ritesh’s Campaign   www.tandonforcongress.com