There is no separate existence of God

Mahavira_JVBHMahavir made religion simple and natural, free from elaborate ritual complexities. His teachings reflected the inner beauty and harmony of the soul.
Mahavir taught the idea of supremacy of human life and stressed on the importance of a positive attitude in life. Mahavir’s message of nonviolence (Ahimsa), truth (Satya), non stealing (Achaurya), celibacy (Brahma charya), and non possession (Aparigraha) is based on universal compassion.

Mahavir said that, ‘A living body is not merely an integration of limbs and flesh but it an abode of the soul which potentially has perfect perception (Anant darshana), perfect knowledge (Anant gyana), perfect power (Anant virya), and perfect bliss (Anant sukha). Mahavir’s message reflects the freedom and spiritual joy that a living being (the soul) is capable of achieving.

Mahavir emphasized that all living beings, irrespective of their size, shape, and form, how spiritually developed or undeveloped, are equal and we should love and respect them. This way he preached the gospel of universal love.

Mahavir rejected the concept of God as a creator, a protector and a destroyer of the universe. He also denounced the worship of gods and goddesses as a means of material gain and personal benefit.

The ultimate objective of his teaching was how one can attain total freedom from the cycle of birth, life, pain, misery, and death, and achieve the permanent state of bliss. This is also known as liberation, nirvana, absolute freedom or Moksha.

Mahavir explained that since eternity, every living being (soul) due to its ignorance is fettered by karma. These karmic atoms are continuously accumulated by our good or bad deeds. Under the influence of karma, the soul is habituated to seeking pleasures in materialistic belongings and possessions.
This is the deep-rooted cause of self-centered violent thoughts, deeds, anger, hatred, greed, and other such vices. These result in further accumulation of karmas.

Mahavir preached that right faith (samyak darshana), right knowledge (samyak jnana), and right conduct (samyak charitra) together were the real path to free the soul from the bondage of karma.

Mahavir considered men and women to be on an equal footing as far as spiritual advancement was concerned. The path of renunciation and liberation attracted women as well. Many women followed Mahavir’s path and renounced the world in search of ultimate truth and happiness.

The following are some of his sayings:
All living beings long to live. No one wants to die.
Just as I dislike pain, so all other beings dislike pain.
Silence and Self-control is non-violence.
A wise person does not kill, nor cause others to kill, nor consent to the killings by others.
The greatest mistake of a soul is non-recognition of its real self and can only be corrected by recognizing itself.
Every soul is in itself absolutely omniscient and blissful. The bliss does not come from outside.
All Souls are alike and potentially divine. None is superior or Inferior.
There is no separate existence of God. Everybody can attain God-hood by making supreme efforts in the right direction.
Know thyself, recognize thyself, be immersed by thyself – you will attain God-hood.
God is neither the creator nor the destroyer of the universe. He is merely a silent observer and omniscient.

The 2612th birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir will be observed on April 23.

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