Things to Consider When Buying Term Insurance Plan in India

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Life is unpredictable, and the chance of dying prematurely is somewhat real now. If the family’s breadwinner passes away unexpectedly, the family misses its means of revenue. In that instance, the family is in serious economic trouble. The family’s resources may not be adequate to cover all of their monetary demands, which is why economic stability is needed. A term life insurance policy guarantees this economic stability and assists the family in dealing with a financial burden if the breadwinner passes away early.

What is a term insurance plan?

A term insurance policy is a type of life insurance that may be purchased by a person for his or her family life. The insurance specifies a particular duration and sum assured. If the life insured passes away within the duration of the policy, the insurance company pays the specified sum promised to the recipient’s relatives. This large sum payment assists the family in dealing with their loss of revenue.

Why should you Buy Term Insurance?

Individuals of different backgrounds of society understand the significance of purchasing a term insurance plan that is best tailored to their requirements. In the face of the rapid speed of living and mounting risks like the COVID 19 pandemic, every household requires economic security through a term plan to cope with the economic strain of losing the breadwinner of the family. It also aids the family in repaying liabilities such as vehicle loans, home loans, educational loans, etc.

Here are a few reasons why you should acquire term insurance:

To Protect the Family from Financial burden

You are accountable for the general well-being of your wife, father, and children as the breadwinner of your family. Purchasing term insurance is critical to ensuring that your family members’ commitments are met even if you’re not there.

To safeguard assets

Loans may have been used to purchase assets such as a home, office, or automobiles. With a term insurance policy on your hands, you can guarantee that the burden of these debts does not fall on your family members after you die.

To Reduce Lifestyle Risks

The untimely death of the breadwinner may flip their lives inverted, leaving it hard to make up the shortfall. Term insurance coverage, on the other hand, could enhance your family members’ lives simpler in this time, although monetarily.

To Be Prepared for Uncertainty

Difficulties in life have the power to make or break our lives in unimaginable ways. This is easily understood in light of the present global Coronavirus outbreak. What a long-term strategy does best is to keep us prepared for such occurrences. A term insurance policy allows you to obtain a substantial life insurance policy for a low cost.

Who Should Buy Term Plan?

Anyone with monetary burdens should think about acquiring online term insurance coverage. This comprises working adults, parents, couples, and individuals seeking tax advantages since a term insurance plan gives tax advantages under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act of 1961. As a result, anyone who wishes to offer life insurance to their family at a cheap premium cost while still benefiting from tax breaks should obtain a term insurance policy.


Parents are often the family’s only earner and the sole source of financial assistance for their children. Having a term insurance policy is thus the greatest approach to guarantee the financial future of the children. In the same way that a term plan pays a life insurance payout to the beneficiaries of the policy in the event of the insured person’s untimely death.

Professionals in their Twenties

Purchasing a term insurance plan is highly suggested if you are a young professional who has recently begun working. The rationale for this is straightforward: you will receive greater coverage at lower prices.

Recently Married

Even if you are not present, a term insurance policy might serve as financial security for your wife. In the case of an unforeseen occurrence, the term insurance plan not only offers financial stability to the recipient but also covers obligations.


You may be hesitant to get a term plan at this point in your life. This might be due to the fact that at this age, there are fewer obligations. If you have a nonworking spouse or kid, you must get a term plan even if you are in your golden years.

Women Who Work

Purchasing a term plan is advantageous for female workers who have begun this journey of self-discovery.


Together with the perk of life insurance, one of the primary benefits of getting a term insurance policy is the ability to save money on taxes. Section 80C of the Income Tax Act exempts premiums paid for a term policy from taxation. Therefore, if you would like to save money on taxes while also getting the benefit of life insurance, you should seriously consider purchasing a term policy for tax planning.

Self-Employed Individuals

If you fall into this group, purchasing a term plan will benefit you. This is to guarantee that your financial dependents’ objectives are not jeopardized.

How does Term Insurance work?

  • After a purchaser selects a policy term and insurance value, the payment for the Term Insurance plan is computed according to various parameters such as age, coverage amount, health, term, and so on. This premium is set for the life of the insurance.
  • The premium could be payable in installments or concurrently. The insured can also choose how the insurance payment will be delivered to him.
  • When a policy is acquired, the insurance provider pays the sum insured to the recipient designated in the policy if the insured dies within the duration.
  • If the insured is still lives at the maturity date, the insurance terminates, generally with no monetary compensation from the provider. But, if the policy contains survivor benefits, the insured will receive a large payment when the coverage expires.
  • If the plan enables renewal and the insured wishes to extend the insurance after the insurance policy has expired, the insurance plan can be extended. Renewals are usually permitted until the insured achieves the maximum period set by the provider. In the event of renewals, meanwhile, the premium is adjusted for the new period.


To have a stress-free and peaceful life ahead, try buying a term insurance plan as soon as possible because only then you can have a life cover plus a way to reduce your taxes as well. So do plan your finances and look for the best term insurance for you and your family as well.