Tibetan student group ties up with Myanmar democracy movement

Tibetan student group ties up with Myanmar democracy movement

KOLKATA: Students For Free Tibet (SFT), a leading hardline Tibetan group, has tied up to pro-democracy groups in Myanmar, extending their anti-China campaign to new areas in Asia.

SFT’s Campaign Director Pema Doma told IANS they have linked up up the Burmese democracy movement because China’s repression in Tibet and its firm backing of the oppressive Myanmar military junta are but “two sides of the same coin”.

“In June, we saw an unprecedented collaboration between pro-democracy groups across Asia. SFT worked to further develop our key alliances with pro-democracy and human rights groups in Myanmar, Thailand, and other Milk Tea Alliance countries. We organised and participated in virtual and in-person events which have furthered democracy and self-determination in Asia,” Doma added.

Tibetan student group ties up with Myanmar democracy movementsDoma said Tibetan activists will henceforth strongly support the Burmese pro-democracy movement and appeal worldwide to force the military junta to force an end to the massacre of innocent civilians.

She said SFT staff also spoke at the Hong Kong movement’s 6/12 rally to commemorate the second anniversary of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, a Milk Tea alliance rally in Washington D.C., and a Thai rally in Washington Square Park.

Later in the month, Doma spoke at RightsCon, joining fellow Tibet advocates from around the world to discuss the intersection of technology and the Tibetan Resistance.

Wrapping up the month on June 23, International Olympics Day, SFT took a lead role in organising the Global Day of Action against the 2022 Beijing Olympics, with 50+ protests and actions in more than 25 countries around the world, she said. From New York to Melbourne, Toronto to Paris, hundreds of Tibetan advocates marched alongside coalitions of Uighurs, Hong Kongers, Southern Mongolians, Taiwanese, and allies to speak out against what SFT describes as the ‘Genocide Games’.

Doma claimed the “day was a huge success” and said they will pursue a strong global campaign to stop the 2022 Beijing Olympics.