Trump has disrespected our contribution to war against terrorism: Pakistan


Pakistan’s foreign minister, Khawaja Asif, has reacted firmly towards the criticism by the US President, Donald Trump, saying that he has disrespected and disregarded Pakistan’s contribution on war against terrorism.

According to Asif, Pakistan’s detailed response will come soon when the civil and military leadership will deliberate on the US policy review in the National Security Committee of the Cabinet.

President Trump’s policy review stated that Pakistan has noted down of the President’s statement outlining elements of the new US policy on Afghanistan and South Asia.

“No country in the world has done more than Pakistan to counter the menace of terrorism. No country in the world has suffered more than Pakistan from the scourge of terrorism, often perpetrated from outside our borders. It is, therefore disappointing that the US policy statement ignores the enormous sacrifices rendered by the Pakistani nation in this effort,” the statement said.

“Pakistan and the United States have been close allies in the fight against terrorism, which is a common threat for all nations of the world. As a matter of policy, Pakistan does not allow use of its territory against any country. Instead of relying on the false narrative of safe havens, the US needs to work with Pakistan to eradicate terrorism.”

The Pakistani Cabinet also talked about the ongoing Kashmir issue, saying, “The threat to peace and security cannot be isolated from the complex interplay of geopolitics, continued existence of festering disputes and pursuit of hegemonic policies. Non-resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute remains the primary obstacle to peace and stability in the region. Pakistan reiterates its view that there is no exclusive military solution to the crisis in Afghanistan.”

“The military action during the last 17 years has not brought peace to Afghanistan, and it is not likely to do so in the future. Only an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned politically negotiated solution can lead to sustainable peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan is committed to working with the international community towards the common objective of defeating the forces of terrorism and to promote peace and stability in the South Asian region,” the statement concluded.

Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Bajwa added that their country won’t require any materialistic or financial assistance from the US. –News Source