Trump is trying to rebuild ties with Russia: Tillerson


The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson declared on Tuesday that US President Donald Trump would not undermine his efforts to restore the relations between the US and Russia.

While a number of global leaders have expressed their mistrust over the newly elected President and his administration, the office has been questioned a lot about its relationship with Russia.

“I can’t really comment on any of that because I don’t have any direct knowledge,” Rex Tillerson stated. “The president’s been clear to me: do not let what’s happened over here in the political realm prevent you from the work that you need to do on this relationship and he’s been quite clear with me… that we might make progress. I’m really not involved in any of these other issues,” he continued.

Many US intelligence agencies have pointed out that Russia had a major role in tilting the elections in favor of Trump.

“We do believe that engaging globally remains important and we will be seeking ways to remain engaged and there are many ways we can do that, through the U.N. intergovernmental panel on climate change as well as economic and trade forums that we will obviously be very active in as well,” he added.

He had addressed the media during his visit to New Zealand. –News Source

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