Trump lashes out at 'sleepy guy' Biden who 'will lift tariffs on China' if elected

JOHNSTOWN: During his rally at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US President Donald Trump hit out at Joe Biden alleging that his Democratic Party opponent would, if elected lift tariffs imposed on China.

“I took the toughest-ever action to confront China’s rampant threat on American jobs — we charged them so much that we gave that money to our farmers because our farmers were targetted. We got it (back) from China; USD 28 Billion, we have a lot leftover,” Trump said at the rally at the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport.
“This election is a simple choice,” said the US President. “If Biden wins, China wins. All these other countries win. We get ripped off by everybody. If we win, you win, Pennsylvania wins, and America wins. Very simple,” he told his supporters at the crucial battleground state.

Trump further said that earlier on Tuesday, he had signed an order for the crackdown of Chinese counter-fitters and merchants “who sell their fake products” across the US.

The President went on the rampage against the former Vice President terming him as “the sleepy guy” who “surrenders” and that is the reason why China wants Biden to win as he “would send the jobs” to Beijing.

Biden will eliminate my tariffs on China— he has already said that he is going to take the tariffs off China. The one constant in Biden’s platform is that he surrenders. That’s why China and the far left are desperate for a Biden to win because he will surrender our jobs to China. China will own the United States if that sleepy guy gets the position.”

Pennsylvania is his second campaign trip since he was hospitalised with COVID-19 earlier this month. At the airport, Trump emerged from the Air Force One without a face mask and shook hands with supporters as he made his way to the podium.

He also reiterated what he said in Florida on Monday about being “immune” from the virus and also threw masks at the audience. Trump was also seen dancing to the Village People’s “YMCA.” Trump is set to hold rallies in Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida this week.

The US Presidential Elections are set to take place on November 3, this year. (ANI)