Tunisha & sheezans Family

MUMBAI: Family of TV actor Sheezan Khan, who has been in jail since December 25 in connection with Tunisha Sharma’s death case, on Monday named an “uncle” who the late actress was in mortal fear of.

TV actor Tunisha Sharma, who allegedly died by suicide on Christmas eve, was in frightful awe of her uncle from Chandigarh, who instigated her mother, Vanita, to strangulate Tunisha, Sheezan’s advocate told the media.
Sheezan’s sisters also accused Tunisha’s mother of causing her childhood trauma and making the late actor “beg before her for every penny”.

“Tunisha used to panic a lot upon hearing the name of Sanjeev Kaushal. At the instigation of Sanjeev Kaushal, Tunisha’s mother broke her phone and tried to strangulate her,” advocate, Shailendra Mishra said. “Sanjeev Kaushal and Tunisha’s mother used to control Tunisha’s life,” said Mishra here at a press conference that was called by the ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul’ actor’s family — her two sisters Falaq and Shafaq Naaz and his mother.

Mishra, speaking on behalf of Sheezan’s family, further alleged that Sanjeev and Tunisha’s mother controlled her finances and Tunisha often had to plead in front of her mother for her own money, that she was earning. “Tunisha and Sanjeev Kaushal (an uncle in Chandigarh) had terrible relations. Sanjeev Kaushal and her mother, Vanita, used to control Tunisha’s finances. Tunisha often pleaded in front of her mother for her own money,” said Sheezan Khan’s advocate.

Sheezan Khan’s advocate added that Pawan Sharma Tunisha’s “so-called uncle”, who was the 21-year-old actor’s former manager was fired as he behaved harshly with her.

“Tunisha’s so-called uncle Pawan Sharma was her former manager, who was fired four years ago because he used to interfere in her affairs and behave harshly with her,” said Mishra at the presser in Mumbai that came days after Sheezan was arrested on December 25, by Waliv police after Tunisha’s body was recovered from a TV set in Vasai on December 24.

Sheezan’s sister and co-actor Falaq Naaz, meanwhile, accused Tunisha’s mother and said that the deceased actor’s depression was due to her childhood trauma. “Tunisha’s mother accepted that she has been neglecting Tunisha and that she didn’t take care of her. Tunisha’s depression was due to her childhood trauma,” said Falaq Naaz, who had on the day of Tunisha’s cremation already announced that they will speak to the media and put their side of the story.

Falaq Naaz also denied that Sheezan had any other girlfriend, other than Tunisha and called it a false narrative. “Sheezan didn’t have any other girlfriend. That girl was called to record her statement. There’s no secret girlfriend,” said Falaq Naaz.

Refuting the claims made by Pawan Sharma, that the actor started wearing Hijab after meeting Sheezan Khan, his sister and co-actor Shafaq Naaz said that the picture of Tunisha in hijab being circulated is from the set of the show which was part of the shoot. Earlier on December 28, Pawan Sharma claimed that Tunisha’s behaviour and lifestyle changed after she met Sheezan Khan, and that she even started wearing a ‘Hijab’ (a headscarf worn by Muslim women).

“The picture of Tunisha in hijab being circulated is from the set of the show which was part of the shoot. It can be seen. We never made her wear hijab, it was from the channel,” said Shafaq Naaz.

Sheezan Khan was reportedly dating Tunisha Sharma, who was allegedly found hanging at a TV serial set on December 24, a fortnight after the two broke up their few-months-long relationship. Addressing a press conference in Mumbai on Friday, Tunisha’s mother made several allegations against Sheezan and also raised suspicion of “murder”.

“Sheezan took her from the room but did not call the ambulance. This could also be a murder, how is it possible that she was found in Sheezan’s room and it was Sheezan only who brought her down, but did not call the ambulance or doctors? Sheezan forced her to wear Hijab as well,” Vanita Sharma said addressing a press conference on Friday. (ANI)