UP: Amid cold wave, Lucknow hospitals witness 50-60 pc surge in patients with respiratory problems

Amid cold wave, Lucknow hospitals witness patients with respiratory problems

LUCKNOW: With the cold wave prevailing over North India, government hospitals in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow are witnessing a surge in patients with respiratory problems.

The KGMU, Lohia and Civil hospital in Lucknow reported a 50-60 per cent increase in patients with respiratory problems on Thursday.
While many people have been suffering from serious health issues like heart attacks, there has been a sharp rise in the number of respiratory issue patients due to the harsh weather, said the health experts.

Respiratory medicine doctor and Chest specialist BN Singh said that due to the extremely cold weather, people may face respiratory issues like breathing problems due to which there is a spike in the number of patients at the hospitals.

“Various symptoms like shortness of breath, coughing and other breathing issues have been observed with the patients. People who are already struggling with severe or critical disease should take care of themselves and have lukewarm water,” said the Civil hospital doctor.

Director of Civil hospital, Anand Ojha said, “Drop in temperature is the reason for a 50-60 per cent jump in the number of respiratory patients at the hospital. In this weather, people use angithi (coal brazier), heater and blower in their house which causes there is lack of oxygen. Hence resulting in breathing problems. People are advised to protect themselves from the cold weather and consume hot beverages.”

The doctor suggested that people should consume lukewarm water regularly and should wear warm clothes before stepping out of the house so that they are protected from fog and pollution.

Delhi on the other hand also reported a rise in respiratory and cardiac patients due to the weather.

Speaking to ANI, Dr SP Byotra, HOD medicine and vice president of Sir Gangaram hospital, “The risk of respiratory diseases increases in winter, because there is fog in winter as well as pollution, which causes many diseases in which diseases like cold, cough, diarrhoea, fever and pneumonia increase. Along with this, other infections also start happening. The number of patients with these diseases has also increased in Gangaram hospital.

Dr Byotra said that these days 70 to 80 per cent of the cases belong to those patients who already have respiratory diseases like asthma.

According to Dr Arun Mohanty, Senior cardiologist of Sir Gangaram hospital, people suffering from heart disease need to take care of their diet in winter because they are at risk of a heart attack. (ANI)