US calls for ‘comprehensive’ immigration reforms after Supreme Court extends Trump-era border restrictions

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WASHINGTON: The White House on Tuesday called for ‘comprehensive’ reforms in the US immigration system after the Supreme Court extended Trump-era border restriction known as Title 42 as a result of which federal officials will be able to continue to swiftly expel migrants at US borders, CNN reported.

The court also agreed in its ruling to hear the states’ appeal this semester. During its argument session, which starts in February 2023, the court stated that it would hear arguments on the case.
However, for now, Republican-led states who sought the Supreme Court to intervene and quash a lower court decision ordering the termination of the authority have won with a 5-4 decision.

Notably, Title 42 permits US border agents to immediately turn away migrants who have crossed the southern border in the name of Covid-19 prevention. Public health professionals and immigrant groups have long criticized the use of the public health authority at the US southern border, claiming it is an improper justification for preventing immigrants from entering the country, according to CNN.

The White House has said it would comply with the order but has urged Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform measures like the ones President Biden proposed on his first day in office.

“Title 42 is a public health measure, not an immigration enforcement measure, and it should not be extended indefinitely. To truly fix our broken immigration system, we need Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform measures like the ones President Biden proposed on his first day in office,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

The Secretary further added that the US is advancing preparations to manage the border in a secure, orderly, and humane way when Title 42 eventually lifts.

“Today’s order gives Republicans in Congress plenty of time to move past political finger-pointing and join their Democratic colleagues in solving the challenge at our border by passing the comprehensive reform measures and delivering the additional funds for border security that President Biden has requested,” Jean-Pierre said.

A group of Republican US Senators filed legislation earlier in April to extend the Trump administration’s Title 42 policy until 2025, which permits the deportation of illegal immigrants for public health reasons. (ANI)

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