US midterm polls: Republicans set to control House of Representatives, battle for Senate cliff-hanger

US midterm polls

WASHINGTON: Electors across the US voted on Tuesday (local time) to decide whether the Democrats or Republicans will control the Senate and House of Representatives. Republicans look set to take control of the House of Representatives, as results of the crucial US midterm elections come in, but the battle for control of the Senate is on a knife’s edge.
As per the latest trends, Republicans are leading in 186 seats while Democrats are ahead in 162 seats in the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, in Senate, there is a cliffhanger position with both parties tied at the lead in 46 seats, reported CNN projections. No Senate seat has flipped yet and several key contests are too close to call, including in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The battle for control of Congress is beginning to take shape as votes are counted in competitive races across the nation. Republicans flipped Democratic-held House seats in Florida, Georgia and Virginia.

But several Democratic incumbents, including two House members in Virginia, have won competitive races, and others were leading – a sign that Republicans have an edge but not the wave they hoped for nationwide, reported CNN.

Luria, a member of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, lost her Virginia Beach-based House seat, CNN projected. Three Democratic-controlled House races in Virginia were widely viewed as an early warning signal of the night’s results.

Democrats held seats in two Virginia districts Biden won in 2020. CNN projected that Democratic Jennifer Wexton won her reelection bid in Virginia’s 10th District. In an even more competitive race, CNN projected Rep. Abigail Spanberger also won reelection in Virginia’s 7th District.

But Democrats lost in southeastern Virginia, with CNN projecting that Republican state Sen. Jen Kiggans defeated Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria. Gov. Ron DeSantis led a dominant Republican ticket in Florida – delivering historic margins in Democratic territory in his victory over Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist on a night that provides him a powerful argument if he seeks the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has won reelection, CNN projects, defeating her GOP opponent in the midterm race. Pelosi, a towering figure in Democratic politics, won out against longshot Republican challenger John Dennis in the race for California’s 11th Congressional District.

Over the years, Pelosi, 82, has become one of the most prominent faces of the Democratic Party. As a speaker, she has earned a reputation as a powerful and formidable leader to House Democrats who exert significant influence and a tight grip over members of her caucus.

Pelosi has also been a fierce adversary to Republicans and has become a highly polarizing figure in Washington as a result. Speculation over Pelosi’s future atop the House Democratic caucus has intensified as the midterms approached and Republicans fought to regain the House majority. Millions of Americans took to polling locations to vote in the midterm elections.

Some of the top issues for American voters during this election cycle included inflation, threats to democracy, crime, immigration and border security, and abortion.

The results of the midterms will affect investors and the stock market for weeks to come after the elections are over. The rising cost of living and inflation may accelerate depending on the stock market’s reaction. (ANI)