Why is cricket such a big deal in India?

There’s a saying in India “Cricket is our religion and Sachin is our God.” If you’re oblivious to this tag line then you need to read this article right now.

Cricket in India is as old as the game itself. Britishers brought this game to India and ever since it has caught the imagination of each and every Indian. Be it old or young, men or women, all are enthralled by this beautiful game of bat and ball. For many Cricket is a boring game, just like many who detest online gambling in India and I won’t argue. You have to be an avid admirer of this game to truly enjoy the moments in this game. Let’s understand the deep-rooted connection of Indians and their religion, cricket.

The History

The history of cricket in India is as old as the freedom struggle from the Britishers. The iconic Bollywood movie Lagaan is an example of this. Because of its history, cricket is well known and well-played throughout India. Kids from small age start playing cricket just like football is played in Brazil. Every nook and corner has a budding batsman or a bowler awaiting their turn in the Indian national team.

Since the British Raj, cricket has produced exemplary players in India. In those days it was the privilege of a select few who could play the game with the Britishers. With time this changed and every Indian had the opportunity to play the game. This sport has caught the fancy of not only the royals but the peasant folk of that time as well.

Why is cricket such a big deal in India1World Cup

Cricket has been the top game in India despite Hockey being the national sport. It was not until India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 that the game really became more than just a sport and turned into a religion for Indians. Cricket was the game invented by the whites, so a win in this game meant the defeat of the oppressor. Truly, cricket has been and will always be the number one sports India.

The Players

First, it was the rise in popularity of Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and the rest that brought home the world cup. After that, there has been no dearth of superstar players in the Indian cricket team. Sachin Tendulkar marks the onset of such players who were revered as God of cricket, he’s lovingly known as the master-blaster. 

After Tendulkar, it was the turn of Mahindra Singh Dhoni era and then the onset of magnificent player Virat Kholi. Because of the Indian enthusiasm and corporate backing, this game has produced the most frenzy and revenue in the sports industry. It won’t be a mistake to say that cricket produces more revenue than other sports in India combined. 

The Indians have placed their favourite players of cricket on a pedestal. Top cricketers are household names and take home huge sums of money and run their personal brands as well.

Cricket in India is altogether a different experience. It takes you to a whole new level. Unprecedented and never seen before kind of action. The love and craze for cricket will continue to dominate the Indian landscape for several decades in the future.

Hope this article was informative and interesting for you. Please come back for more such articles in the future.

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