Will the IPL 2021 be cancelled?

Will the IPL 2021 be cancelled

The IPL 2021 has less than a month under its belt but has already attracted a fair share of controversy. Due to the growing alarm over the coronavirus situation in India, fans of the cricket tournament are divided over whether the IPL 2021 season should be allowed to continue.

In a time where most Indian states are dealing with crises such as a shortage of oxygen, hospitals running at capacity, and an overall lack of healthcare infrastructure to deal with the pandemic, not everyone is happy about the IPL 2021 not being cancelled.

However, there are some fans who are of the opinion that while the country is going through a difficult time, the Indian Premier League is the perfect way to uplift the spirits of the fans who are fighting off the virus at home.

This debate over the continuation of IPL 2021 has raised a lot of questions, including the one that matters most – will the IPL 2021 be cancelled?

Will the IPL 2021 be cancelled?

The BCCI president Sourav Ganguly confirmed that the IPL 2021 will go on “as scheduled”, at least for now. This obviously comes as a sigh of relief for fans who have been looking forward to the season continuing as usual.

The IPL has already seen the exit of a few players due to their personal reasons. Some foreign players also exited the tournament due to fear of not being allowed back into their home countries. However, the BCCI believes that continuing the IPL 2021 is in the best interests for both the players and the fans.

The BCCI officials have confirmed that should any player wish to step back from the season due to any reasons, they would be in complete support of the player’s decision. 

“We do understand these are tough times and we will try and facilitate the travel of players who are leaving for various reasons and their replacements, if any, in consultation with the franchises,” a BCCI official confirmed.

However, there are some cricketers as well as fans that believe that continuing the IPL 2021 can help raise the spirits of fans who are recovering from the virus at home. There are several fans that have taken to Twitter to express how IPL has helped them deal with the mental stress of the coronavirus lockdowns.

Additionally, many people believe that industries that usually make money due to the IPL would also sustain a negative impact if the IPL were to be cancelled. Related industries such as the advertising sector, social media sector, online streaming services, and even betting sites that benefit from the IPL would take a huge financial hit.

In a time when unemployment is already on the rise due to the pandemic, prematurely cancelling the IPL 2021 might just make matters worse.

While there is no denying that there is indeed a dire situation in India, most people believe that the IPL is a welcome escape for people who are stuck inside their homes, isolated and unwell due to the virus.

For these people, their passion for their favorite IPL teams not only gives them a distraction but also helps them maintain a positive outlook towards life. If nothing else, the IPL is a reminder of simpler times, as well as a beacon of hope that things will surely get better again!

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