'Will turn Afghanistan into ruins so that it can't compete with Pak'

ISLAMABAD: Abdullah Gul, son of former chief of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Hamid Gul, has said that he will destroy the government of Afghanistan with the help of the Taliban, according to media reports.

Abdullah Gul told a gathering in Makin, South Waziristan, that his father expelled the Russians from Afghanistan, and with the help of the Mujahideen, they overthrew the government of Mohammad Najibullah.

He added that now he is going to destroy the current republican state of Afghanistan and turn the country into ruins so it cannot compete with Pakistan. Abdullah Gul further said that as a young man, he became a member of the Haqqani Network as guided by his father, and has hence participated in several fights against the Afghan National Arm, as per the media reports.

He claimed that the Taliban completely obey him and that he has tasked them to destroy Afghanistan’s economic infrastructure, government facilities, and the republic.¬†The Taliban and the government of Afghanistan are yet to comment on the matter.