Zoos in Lucknow, Kanpur install coolers for animals

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LUCKNOW/KANPUR: As temperatures rise in parts of central Uttar Pradesh, authorities in the Lucknow and Kanpur zoos have installed water coolers and hay curtains to protect animals.

Dilip Gupta, Kanpur Zoo Range Officer said: “With a sudden increase in day temperatures, we are taking measures to protect animals from the heatwave. We have installed water coolers for the carnivores, hay curtains for birds, and rain guns for herbivores. The hay curtains are regularly watered to cool the cages.”

Lucknow Zoo Director RK Singh said that similar arrangements have been made at the zoo and diet in accordance with the prevailing weather conditions is being given to the animals and birds.

It includes reduction in meat quantity for carnivores, and lesser protein component and increased carbohydrate content in diet for birds. Green vegetables are being incorporated in the herbivores’ diet while limiting the use of jaggery, he added.

“We have started adding electrolytes, minerals, and vitamin ADH to the drinking water for all animals and birds, so as to avoid dehydration and maintain their health. The water is changed on a regular basis as it gets warm due to the scorching heat,” said Dr RK Singh, the Kanpur zoo veterinarian.

He said that some omnivores like bear and few herbivores enjoy eating fibre-rich fruits and vegetables such as melons and cucumber in summers.