30 years of ASHA for Women

Fearing violence in one’s own home is a terrifying, debilitating experience. ASHA for Women has helped thousands of South Asian women and their children overcome domestic abuse and reconstruct their lives. ASHA isa non-profit organization in DC with a mission of assisting South Asian women and impacting the social construct of the community. This September 28, ASHA will celebrate its 30th anniversary by bringing together philanthropists, volunteers, and other supporters,through a fundraising gala.

This gala is a colorful, triumphant assertion of hope and empowerment, a press statement said. With a keynote address delivered by Brooklyn-based artist Jaishri Abichandani, known for her art and articulation, and specially curated art for live auction by art authority Nafisa Isa, the gala will hit a high note for collectors. A dynamic performance will be staged by the well known D.C. Bhangra Crew as well.Fine dining, along with these live auctions, riveting performances, and plentiful networking opportunities will make this event enjoyable and entertaining.

“It’s going to be very, very special,” says ASHA president Priya Kulkarni, “We will be commemorating a grand tradition of people in the community helping each other, all the way from 1989!”

In this milestone year, ASHA has added another vulnerable group to its care umbrella – South Asian seniors and their caregivers.

“There are many services and benefits available to seniors in the United States that can make their lives easier and happier, but there’s little awareness,” informs Lakshmi Aiyappa, executive director. The Seniors Program and Helpline service has been instituted to guide this group to these much needed facilities.

ASHA means ‘Hope’. Starting from a gathering of five women and an idea, ASHA is a testimony of what can be achieved by a small group of motivated individuals. Remarkably, since its inception, the ASHA network has comprised almost entirely volunteers and is funded by donors across society as well as philanthropic organizations.

Further information and tickets for the Grand Gala ArtBeat 2019 at website www.ashaforwomen.org