Mahashivratri celebrations at MAFS


CHICAGO: Creating a wonderfully spiritual atmosphere for Mahashivratri, elderly seniors handmade God Shiva’s residence with carved cardboards and cotton stick-ons, symbolizing Himalayas and Kailash Mountain with incredibly beautiful chandeliers of Bilvpatras ,(trifoliate leaves revered in Hinduism for its spiritual significance representing Lord Shiva’s three eyes. Wall decorations of sacred Mantra of Lord Shiva, Ohm, a Trishul and a Damru, which are central to Lord Shiva’s identity, served as a reminder of Lord Shiva’s significant Divine powers.

MahashivratriA visit from Dr. Santosh Kumar, the Executive Director, UMAS, and Gurleen Kaur, PTC News Network at the Niles site added more joy to this event.

Honoring Lord Shiva, senior elderly devotees and Dr. Kumar offered sacred Abhishek on Lord Shiva’s Shivlings while chanting Shiva Mantra Ohm Namo Shivaye. Sweet potato Halwa, fruits and thandai were served as Prasad. Devotees had delicious fasting food, Moraiiyo, spicy potatoes, salad, and buttermilk as well.

Not only all sites’ seniors performed Mahashivratri Puja and worshiped Lord Shiva, but they also observed the existence and glory of Shakti or a Devi/Goddess woman as it was also the occasion of Women’s Day.

Seniors and Dr. Kumar spoke about women’s impact in our society today, may be in any role of a mother, a role of a leader, a role and talked about appreciating women for their strengths and treat them with equal rights, not only in legislation, but in thoughts and behavior.

Dr. Kumar was appreciative of Ms. Kaur of PTC News for taking time off to attend the Mahashivratri and Woman’s Day celebration at Niles site. She applauded Bharat Soni, the ADS coordinator, and Mrs. Jahnvi Bavisi, the manager, for uplifting seniors and providing care for them on a regular basis.

Reflecting on Dr. Kumar’s comment, Mrs. Bavisi mentioned that they can do such special things because of Dr. Kumar’s guidance.She expressed her gratitude on behalf of everyone who knows Mrs. Kumar with a sincere statement that everyone knows Dr. Kumar as Mother Terressa of Chicagoland, yet Dr. Kumar is much more than Mother Terressa because of her exemplary mission and work towards helping out elderly women and men seniors in need, and continually caring for their overall health and happiness, including providing many public assistance programs bringing financial relief in their electricity bills, gas bills and medical bills, and much more, all under one roof.

MahashivratriEmphasizing women’s resilient strength, in her speech, Dr. Kumar pointed out the fact that physical strength is not everything as some men think, and that women have inner strength to raise a family, hold a job, and overcome barriers which people of our society randomly throw at them. According to her, we all need to realize and recognize the importance of women and their contribution to the society at large.

Harmonizing thoughts of Dr. Kumar, elderly women and men in their speeches spoke of Women Empowerment, including respect, love and compassion towards women with nondiscriminatory attitude which is lacking in the society a great deal.

The event came to an end after seniors remembered famous historical women such as Queen Mandodari, Zansi Queen Lakshmibai and others and present women of impact such as Mrs. Michell Obama, Mrs. Kamala Harris and so on.

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