5 Steps to Toned Biceps: Ayush Kumra

5 Steps to Toned Biceps: Ayush Kumra

Hey everyone! Today we will be talking about another very common problem, which is of arm fat. Now I’m sure that most of the people out there believe that few specific exercises could cure this problem for once and all but I am sorry guys, this is not how things work. 

See spot reduction is something, which is not possible. You have to train all your muscle parts in order to remove fat from any part of your body. You can also target the desired areas by focusing more on their exercises so that the results get speed up a bit but eventually you will have to workout all your muscles. In this video, I have discussed about those exercises, which would target your biceps specifically and help you in speeding up the process.

This video has new variations of exercises that can be done by the beginners too and doesn’t require any equipment as such except a pair of bottles. The thing that you should keep in mind while performing these exercises is that you have a very moderate or slow momentum in these exercises so that your muscle to mind connection can come in play with each and every rep of the exercises. The weight doesn’t matter as such if you are targeting fat loss as optimum weight with high repetitions would do the trick. You should definitely try these exercises and let me know how you felt especially after doing them at a very slow pace.

Also, if you believe that there are various videos on YouTube, which specifically can help in losing the arm fat, then they are actually not telling you the truth behind it. Now I leave it on you to decide what’s more authentic and what’s not .

Till then, see you next time.

Stay Safe & stay Motivated.

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