8 Fantastic spot you must visit during your first trip to Delhi

8 Fantastic spot you must visit during your first trip to Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, sees a lot of visitors all year long, so the top attractions are always crowded with visitors. Some of the world’s most beautiful and captivating tourist destinations can be found in Delhi. The city is filled with countless locations for people from all walks of life, from the historic Red Fort to the buzzing Dilli Haat and many others.

You can always be sure of a memorable vacation in the Dilwali Dilli thanks to the many fantastic hotels in Delhi for a comfortable stay. If you’re considering visiting Delhi soon, reserve a car from a car on rent in Delhi for hassle-free travel for newcomers. You can plan your itinerary using the list of the best places to visit in Delhi that is provided below.

8 Best Locations for first-time visitors in Delhi

Here is a list of the top tourist attractions in Delhi that you can visit while on vacation.

  • India Gate

One of the best things to do if you’re in Delhi at any time of the year is to explore India Gate after dark. This 42 m high monument or archway is in the centre of a crossroads. The gate stands in for the more than 70,000 Indian soldiers who gave their lives in the battle against the British army during World War I. In addition, the perpetual flame that burns day in and day out represents the courage and tenacity displayed by the soldiers during the 1971 Indo-Pakistan War. Visit this location in the evening when the lights are on.

  • Lotus temple

The Lotus Temple is yet another location in Delhi that you must see. For those who enjoy history, the location is ideal. Although it is a Baha’i house of worship, anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to visit. Once inside, you’ll experience the same sense of tranquillity that permeates the site. Aside from that, you must visit the temple to see its distinctive architecture in the form of a lotus while in Delhi. Keep in mind that the Lotus Temple is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, after which it closes.

  • Delhi’s Red Fort

The renowned Red Fort should be on your itinerary for visiting Delhi. On the banks of the Yamuna River, Shah Jahan’s fortified palace was constructed in 1639 when the Mughal Emperor moved his capital from Agra to Delhi. The Audience Hall, Diamond Palace, Pearl Mosque, step-well, and white marble hammam are worth seeing inside the enclosure. A collection of priceless artifacts can be found in museums. Since 1947, when the prime minister hoists the country’s flag on August 15, the Red Fort has served as the iconic representation of Indian Independence Day.

Visit the Red Fort early in the day to avoid crowds and return later in the evening to view the multi-sensory light show, one of Delhi’s top tourist attractions. From Tuesday through Sunday, it is open from sunrise to sunset; however, it is closed on Mondays. Adult tickets cost Rs. 90 for Indian citizens and Rs. 950 for non-nationals.

  • Akshardham Temple

The Akshardham Temple is one of the best places to go if you’re a religious person and want to see some Hindu temples. The temple, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Delhi, is devoted to worshipping Akshardham, Swaminarayan. You will be in awe of the lighting and the temple’s illumination during the evening hours. Remember that the temple is open from 09:30 am to 06:30 pm and is closed on Mondays.

  • Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas is a well-known tourist destination in Delhi that you should visit. This location is primarily for those who enjoy partying and learning about the ideal fusion of contemporary and historical Mughal culture. You can add a mosque and a reservoir to the location’s list of tourist attractions. This place also has options for you to check out the posh scene rather than get stuck in the typical restaurants. You can check out several upscale eateries, art galleries, and shops nearby. The Hauz Khas complex’s hours are 10:30 am to 7:00 pm, lasting until 11:00 pm for restaurants.

  • Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is a little piece of heaven on Earth for foodies and shopaholics alike. Due to its proximity to the Red Fort and its clear view of Fatehpur Sikri, you can visit several locations. The Chandni Chowk market is renowned for its incredible street food, parathas, and small shops that sell common items at discounted prices. However, when purchasing there, be sure to inspect each item for flaws.

  • Lodhi Gardens

The breathtaking Lodhi Gardens must be on your itinerary if you’re traveling to Delhi. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Delhi, it is situated next to the India International Center. The gardens were constructed by Sayyid and Lodhi rulers during the 15th and 16th centuries. The area is well known for its intricate architecture, lovely layout, and the surrounding lush vegetation. As one of the top places to visit in Delhi, you might not want to miss this location.

  • Jama Masjid

The renowned Jama Masjid is yet another incredible location to visit in Delhi in June. Along with its stunning and intricate architecture, this monument is renowned for its serene surroundings. Visitors enter this mosque, the biggest in India, all year long. The mosque is a component of Shah Jahan’s historical and architectural significance. The majority of visitors simply stop by to ogle the monument’s beauty. It runs from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 01:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

If you’ve never been to Delhi for a vacation, now is the time to pack your bags, book your ride through a taxi service in Delhi and go! We strongly advise that you put these incredible locations on your itinerary. Each is significant in terms of history, religion, or architecture, making them worthwhile experiences. Explore Delhi and go crazy with the delicious food and local street shopping.

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