Appollo Hospital

BENGALURU: Apollo Hospitals Bangalore on Thursday announced the launch of a dedicated robot-assisted cardiac surgery unit. The unit will offer patients with complex cardiac disease treatment with robotic-assisted minimal invasive cardiac surgery, Apollo Hospitals said. The unit will be equipped with the advanced fourth-generation ‘da Vinci Xi’ robotic surgical system and a dedicated team.

“Our vision has always been to bring the most advanced medical technology to India to benefit our patients,” K. Hariprasad, President, Apollo Hospitals, said in a statement. “We are continuing on this path with the launch of the dedicated Robot-Assisted Cardiac Surgery Unit, which will be the first in India to offer a full-time robotic heart surgery programme,” he added.

“With 18 cases successfully treated to date with robot-assisted cardiac surgery, we are confident that the dedicated unit will change the lives of many more patients who cannot undergo conventional cardiac surgery,” Hariprasad said. The innovative technology of the da Vinci Xi allows complex cardiovascular surgeries to be performed through smaller incisions and precise motion control, as compared to conventional open heart surgery, which involves opening up the chest by splitting the breastplate.

The robot is docked near the operation table while the cardiac surgeon sits on a console from where commands are given to operate the smooth and dexterous robotic arms with a precision that would be impossible without the robot. A high-definition camera provides a clear, 3D view of the chest to the surgeon on a console screen. IANS