Captain Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast to fly the largest Map of India Under the Mission #AasmanMeinBharat

Captain Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast

NEW DELHI: As we are approaching the 74th year of the Constitution of India on the occasion of Republic Day, Captain Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast will be drawing the Largest map of the Largest Democracy in the World in a nation-binding patriotic initiative named ‘AASMAN MEIN BHARAT’.

‘AASMAN MEIN BHARAT’ would be a first-ever mission in the history of India where a proud Indian will be achieving a first-ever unique history-making target of creating the largest Map of India in the sky. Captain Taneja with 12 years and 6000 hours of Flying Experience, will be completing this mission in almost 3 hours by flying around 200 nautical airmiles i.e., covering an approximate distance of 350 KMs in the sky. The whole journey in the sky will be tracked live by 139 crore Indians on Twitter and other social handles using flight tracking device on the Radar image.

Gaurav Taneja, who is an IITian, An Airline Captain, A Law Student, A National Level bodybuilder and India’s number-one vlogger, has started this mission via an announcement on his social media handles which was supported by his digital army of 17M+ followers across platforms. He will create a historical achievement in the Aviation Sector in India after successful completion of this revolutionary mission on the occasion of Republic Day i.e., 26th January 2023 starting from Tampa Airport, Florida in USA.

Taneja has always been resilient and committed to his passion for Flying. In 2020, he had to let go of his aviation career, however, despite hurdles in life he had never given up on his dream of Flying. The mission ‘AASMAN MEIN BHARAT’ is an outcome of his persistent journey and endless passion for FLYING. This mission will be a tribute to the Motherland and an attempt to take India to new heights with an outline of the largest Map of India, a unique record in history.

This mission will ignite the national spirit among people by uniting the whole nation together and will create a digital celebration through a Twitter Trend globally #AasmanMeinBharat where people are curiously participating in anticipation of the outcome of this whole action while Gaurav will be flying and executing this history-making event. – YouTube Link