Chat show a great medium for candid conversation: Neha

NehaIndia Post News Service

Neha Dhupia has established herself in Bollywood as a dependable actor after her foray in modeling. Now she is making waves hosting a chat show where she is having fun interviewing Bollywood celebrities and giving competition to the likes of Karan Johar. In an interview with India Post, she says in fact Karan Johar has been encouraging her to put up the show which Vogue BFF is airing on Rishtey America on Sundays 8PM ET / 9PM PT.

Here are excerpts from the interview:
From modeling to movies to podcast to hosting a chat show. That’s an impressive journey. Are you a restless soul?

I wouldn’t say so. No, I’m not a restless soul at all. I have been in this industry for over 15 years now and tried to stay relevant. I work across all mediums – be it TV, Audio, Film, Events or digital. When it comes to now having a chat show I think TV is a great medium and a great candid conversation with your favorite kind of stars on TV makes for great kind of content and viewers love that kind of stuff.

You are giving a tough competition to Karan Johar. He is not the only chat show host to give us an insight into celebrities’ life anymore. Do you guys often joke about this?

I mean we don’t talk about the kind of work that we do usually in our off-time. I’m very very close to him and I love him and I marvel for the work he does and I’m always going to be a fan girl. In fact, he was the one who encouraged me into taking up a talk show. He thought it will be a good move for me. I always call him up even if it’s the smallest or the largest decisions. I always ask him for his opinion and then I do whatever I feel is good for me but his opinion really matters and we don’t joke about it. He definitely made me nervous when he came on my show.

Also, you are best buddies with Karan, right? How did this friendship develop?

When you’re in the business you meet people you like, you adore and you look up to and you hit it off with them. We have great chemistry at a personal level and that’s how we hit it off.

Who lines up the guests for the show – BFFs with Vogue? Do you make personal calls?

No. I don’t make any personal calls. It’s Vogue that lines it up and every time I hear the name of the celebs that are coming in, I get very excited because each pairing that has come, all 10 of them have been absolutely wonderful!

Talking about this season, which guest did you have most fun talking to?

I have biases to Karan and I’m very close to Ayushman Khurana. So Ayushman Khurana and Bhumi Pednekar were tons of fun. Actually everybody was fun. Deepika was delightful! Katrina and Alia had a great chemistry. Shahid Meera were wonderful. So yeah, I mean it’s kind of hard to pick your favorite.

Which guest was the toughest to crack?

I think with respect, I also don’t know Juhi and Jackie that well, so for me it was a little more of a distance. Apart from them, I had never interacted with Rani and Sabya so the two of them, those pairings probably.

You are always joking about Bollywood’s fascination with Austria’s ‘detox’ resort. Do you want to tell our readers what really happens there?

I have no idea. I don’t have enough money to go and splurge there but I know a lot of people who go. When they are taking their outbound flight to Austria, they are like a different size of clothing and when they come back 10 days later, it’s a different size. So it’s just an intense detox. But how long can you maintain that, right?