Delhi Government exposed over false commitment to COVID patients 

Delhi Government exposed over false commitment to COVID patients 

Harleen Kaur

NEW DELHI: Corona has wide spread all over the world. In India where government of almost every state commits to control the situation, Kejriwal’s government also made castles in the air to cure people from corona epidemic. Gurdeep Singh resident of Delhi who went to almost every hospital for his treatment faces a great harassment, no hospital was ready to take care of him. Innocent Gurdeep Singh left the world due to no treatment received. Kartar Singh, currently residing in USA narrated the incident.

 It was June 4, 2020 morning. Gurdeep was not felling well and family decided to go for corona test because they felt it might be the reason behind Gurddep’s illness. They dialed 100 on phone and were told an ambulance would be reaching in 15 minutes. When the ambulance did not arrive they again called and were told to wait for half an hour more.

Almost the whole day was gone in wait of the ambulance when at 5 pm they got an answer the ambulance will not be coming because they have no oxygen supply in an ambulance. At six when family felt extreme helplessness Gurdeep’s uncle AvtarSinghand brother in law took him to Global hospital.  Hospital authorities refused to admit Gurdeep. They rushed to Sehgal Hospital where they kept Gurdeep for approximately 1.30 hours and asked them to approach another hospital, as they had no bed available.

At last they took him to a Government hospital. After facing so much hardship Guru Gobind Singh hospital was their destination where they faced more issues. It was just not their day, at the receiving end of emotional and mental harassment at every step.

Now it was mid night, they had no choice, the situation had made them numb but they gathered themselves and took Gurdeep to the well known Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital but they were not much different. Time was running out for the family but they were not shattered and kept on with their efforts to give proper treatment to Gurdeep and then reached another government hospital LPG. Here they were refused once again. Tired and hurt they managed to reach the Safdarjang Hospital also managed by the government. Here they took an X-ray of Gurdeep ‘s chest where family had sigh of relief but it was short-lived as they were asked not to keep Gurdeep here.

 After that, they knocked on the door of Amar hospital but to their amazement, they did not even open to let them in. At this time the family, as well as Gurdeep, were on the verge of giving up. One can almost imagine what it feels to see your family member dying even after your continuous efforts.

This raises a big question on all of us – who we are and where we are living and for what? At the end we are having no lifeline to survive. Indian Democratic government that is called democratic and is so-called by the people, for the people, to the people… is only in words… whereas it has nothing to offer to the people of India. In this time of great need where hollow promises are made to offer treatment to patients but in reality, no hospital is accepting them for treatment. Is everything done only with the motive of making money?

Gurdeep was losing his consciousness, as it had been almost ten hours of rushing from one hospital to another. They finally reached Balaji hospital where Gurdeep’s soul left all of us. The soft and kindhearted hospital management requested them to take Gurdeep’s body to their home so that the hospital will not be blamed. No postmortem was even suggested. Now it’s only GOD who knows the actual cause of death.

This is the true picture of the health sector and government facilities, available in India. Let’s assume Gurdeep died of corona, do you think it is right to send his body back home with the family.

Gurdeep was the father of 3 daughters aged 17,16, 11 and 4-year-old son. Who is to be responsible for this huge loss to the family? Who will bring him back for his children? There will be no answer.

 On the other hand, if Gurdeep was son of some MLA or, a high ranking government official the story obviously would be completely different, while treating him and curing him, successfully with full media coverage.

 Gurdeep Singh’s father GainiKartar Singh, who was serving the Gurdwara of North Carolina was not able to attend his son’s last rites because of no air flights.

On this Gurmeet Singh Dhalwan, Founder President of of Adbhhut Media Newspaper & Channel, offered to help the family in every need. He is also challenging the false commitment made by the Delhi Government that is biased for the cure of Corona patients. Delhi has now become the most pathetic victim of the government. The framework made by the government needs to be revised he says.