Did Urfi Jawed get caught shooting adult film? Find out what happened next

Did Urfi Jawed get caught shooting adult film

NEW DELHI: Urfi Jawed, who often makes headlines for her bold sartorial choices, was recently seen in a viral video being caught red-handed by police while shooting for an adult film.

The video shared by content creator Rohit Gupta on his Instagram handle showed Urfi in an office where she had come to meet a director for a film. Telling her that this is a secret project, the director then starts describing it to her. He says that Ranbir Kapoor has been cast as a villain in this film, which makes Urfi excited about the project.

Later, she is also told that for the hero’s role they have cast a foreign actor and that Baadshah will be composing the music for this film. Then, Rohit, acting as another director, arrives in the office with the actor who has been cast as the lead. When Urfi enquires them about the male actor being a foreigner, she’s told that he’s from Uganda.

Following all of this, the director invites Urfi to audition with the actor and gives her weird dialogues to enact. Soon after that, a police officer arrives at the office and starts thrashing all the three men present there for filming an adult movie. They blame all of it on Urfi.

A shocked and angry Urfi then calls up her manager and starts shouting at him for scheduling such an audition for her. It’s at this point that her manager reveals to her on the phone that all of this was just a prank on her and not real.

For the unversed, Urfi rose to fame with her stint on ‘Bigg Boss OTT’, and ever since she has been making headlines for her peculiar fashion sense. (ANI)

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