Everything to know about Travel Insurance and its Benefits

International trips, whether for business or recreational purposes involves a lot of expense and with anything that has expense, there is a certain degree of risk attached to it. These risks vary in their intensity and the reasons for which they occur and hence it is advisable to have travel insurance in place before embarking upon your next journey.

An insurance covering travel offers a host of coverage to recover financial losses and thus has a lot of benefits attached to it. There are various areas where risk might occur during travel and coverage against some of the few listed below is advisable and beneficial.

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption

There are a number of reasons why a trip might have to be cancelled or interrupted at the last minute. Reasons ranging from flight cancellations, natural calamities, political disturbance and even death have been reasons which have altered plans at the end hour. This in turn results in financial loss in the form of hotel or accommodation cancellation, tour packages that have been paid for, flights booked at the last minute amongst others. Having an insurance plan in place helps in reducing the amount of loss.

Everything to know about Travel Insurance and its Benefits

  • Medical Coverage

Most people assume that having a medical insurance will cover health risks even while travelling but this is not often the case. It entirely depends from country to country and policy to policy and so checking the same before a trip is advisable. A separate medical coverage as part of travel insurance is provided and this helps in risks related to seeing a doctor in a foreign country, airlifts and air ambulance in case of emergency.

  • Baggage Lost or Delayed Coverage

Baggage being lost, stolen or misplaced is a very common occurrence during domestic and overseas travel. Apart from this, baggage is often also delayed in certain situations. There is a percentage of coverage provided in these cases and temporary material relief when it is a delayed baggage.

  • Theft or Loss of Credit Cards, Cheques

In the case of loss or theft of credit cards, cash or travellers cheque, the most is often reimbursed in most cases.

With the onset of globalization and getting a degree from an international college whether full time or through an internship, it has become a common occurrence for youngsters to travel abroad for the above mentioned purposes. The cost of studying and living in a foreign country is always on a higher side and for this purpose there is multiple student travel insurance that is available. This insurance is different from travel insurance but is a part of the same in the broader spectrum of things. This insurance tends to cover more minute details with relation to a student going abroad for educational purposes. There are a lot of companies that offer this service and the most appropriate one for the individual must be opted for.

One such company offering both travel insurance as well as one for students is religare travel insurance that also offers health insurance and fixed benefit insurance. Under the spectrum of travel insurance, it offers different ones for international travel, students and groups. It has region specific plans, is low cost and offers a variety of other services under this umbrella of insurance.

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